It is always time for Testing (Unit, Stress, Integration, Expert)

Today I want to write about most important thing in good quality production of software. It is testing  of course. I remember that day when I spoke with one director in one company about unit testing. I ask him about unit testing. Why we don’t using them in production of oftware I ask and He was upset and said to me that we start using Unit Test when will be five times more developers in our company. You and many of developers may smile right now but it is Interesting opinion.

In my opinion this pretty clever director was not right. He though that Expert Tests are enough. So this is my opinion today that is clue of expert test.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

— Albert Einstein.

So why companies don’t use unit tests at all? Honestly I don’t know. My good colleague who is certificate tester says that it is always time to produce automation tests, and it is not important what framework we use, most important is who prepare tests. If developer prepare bunch of software and try to prepare test for dificult operations it there are less efficient tests at all. When other developer in team who have no idea about implementation prepare automation test the results will be better. And we can test software much better when testers work in separate team. And best test results came when our software will be tested by another tester company.

So with test we as developers should prepare? Answer is very simple. All of them :). And one rule to memorize that my colleague told to me about test at all. One write test can be computed over and over when software are changed and it is not an insanity at all :P.

For me right now it is time for serious Test Driven Development and I wonder what is your opinion about testing of software?

Whishes of always passed tests 😛

P ;).

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