Stay hungry, Stay foolish

Today I discover that my blog reached more than 10 000 unique visits on it, so thanks a lot for reading. I am delighted and happy. There were no entries this month because I worked on many subjects. And I can say that a new opportunity will come for me. I will be able to share with you not only  technical topics but also new things from Software Architect / Team Leader area. I can say that it will be very soon true. Only that at this moment, I can say. So, wish me luck :).

I can say for sure that hard work and day-by-day learning is a key for success. I like this Stanford University Steve Jobs Commencement Speech from 2005 about three stories from His life. I always remember this one about death. I am also lucky because I found what I loved when I was young enough. And I always try to look for the best solutions and better design patterns in the production of software in an innovative way.

I think I will share with you on this blog new stories in every month, because I also believe in final words of mentioned Steve Jobs stories who said “…stay hungry, stay foolish…”.

I also plan finally end up with making this tons of mistakes in my blog entries. Below you can watch this amazing movie with Steve. I hope you will enjoy it.

P ;).

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