Begin of C₤ Coding Adventure

000Hi, Have you ever used British keyboard for PC? Yes, so you are probably catching the point of my today. I am working in London for a week, so it means that my coding adventure in the UK started a few days ago. But I do not want to start by writing about my work. I think it will be better to focus on London as a workplace and place for personal development. London is a beautiful city with more than two thousand years of history, with more than seven million people living here who can speak more than three hundred languages. Here you can find nice looking sculptures and full of history museums and try the best quality dishes from around the world. For that reason, I think this is a good taste paradise place.

I can tell you short story with three pictures. I like it very much to walk. Sometimes a very long walk. It allows me to do thinking, plan, and sometimes talk if I am walking with someone else about past, future, good, bad, and simple about anything I want, any currently important subjects as well. On my second day of staying here I went for a walk and after only about ten minutes my material goals were just clarified by things I saw.

This is my goal for next five years.


This is my goal for next ten years.


This is my goal for next fifteen years.


Maybe it is not a big deal maybe it is. Someone told me that goals or dreams that were spoken do not become true. I disagree with that because I believe there is not all about luck. I think both focus and work guarantee that goals and dreams come true, don’t they?

I am trying not to write a lot about my work, but I want to tell you only a bit about learning opportunities. I can learn from outstanding software creators, and what is most important, I can also bring some value to this creation process. Many wise people say that the key to success is understanding everything instead of managing things. Everything is right and feet to each other. That is why I do not try to rush things or force anybody. I simply try to understand the answer to the questions from the last post, those three:  Why, How, and What in this order. This is my plan for the end of this month. Listen more and ask my favorite questions.

It is nothing for free. I miss my country and family, but my curiosity is stronger than that. I am also interested in your coding adventures, so all of your comments are very welcome.


P ;).

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  1. I made a mistake, thanks Michal, even sushi is not as good as Polish dishes especially soups and tasty meat ;-).

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