Begin of Kinect for Windows Coding Adventure for Fun

Hi, today is June 27, and it is really my lucky day. For every month at 27 something nice happened to me and sometimes even for me. Today I received at last my own Kinect for Windows device. Shipping of it took more than a week, but at last today I was be able to unpack my own box with it. Possibility of ordering it is another benefit of working in London. I received this amazing device from Microsoft Store in UK. I need to say that it looks similar to Xbox version but quite better, even maybe much better ;). But in box was not any software for Kinect, only device and cables with connectors. Seams strange but that is no problem at all because all software can be very easy downloaded and installed from the Internet. I found latest SDK, Toolkit and so on, currently all of that stuff have 1.5 version number. I have no idea what I try implement first but with my previous experience with Kinect for Xbox connected to PC I have some ideas for start playing with it.

Did I mansion about $200 000 challenge for best recognition algorithm? No, so there is such that challenge and everyone was invited. It take so long, but I can at last combine Kinect software with Hopfield Simulator ;-). Who knows maybe I will be able to create ANN gesture recognition algorithm to spend that money for buying my first Porshe car ;). Nice goal isn’t?

For the beginning I know how to count dynamically fingers right now, have you got own experience with it?


P ;).

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