The Bonsai Tree

imageHello, today I found my new hobby. It was love from a first seeing. It is small, green and beautiful. I read the description of it on small paper description purchased with it…

“…A Bonsai is shaped and cultivated as a way of representing a beauty of nature. Literally translated, Bonsai means a tree in a pot. The Bonsai you have purchased was grown in the Far East and is intended to represent an ancient tree. The dish in which the tree stands adds balance to the composition.

Watering: Water the Bonsai when the soil starts to dry out and do not water again until the tree has absorbed the water (this takes about two days in a normal position). Do not allow the rootball to dry out.

Feeding: Mix liquid fertiliser with the water. Consult the packaging for the correct dose.

Position: The indoor bonsai is suitable for growing inside. If the temperature outdoors exceeds 12 degrees Celsius, you can also place the Bonsai outside. Put the Bonsai in a light position, possibly with a little direct sunlight.

Repotting: After about three years the Bonsai will begin to become potbound. It can then be repotted. Cut away about 30% of the roots, and place the Bonsai back into the dish with fresh soil.

Pruning: Any shoots that protrude outside the tree’s silhouette can be removed. You can also prune any shoots on the branches that grow upwards or downwards. This will help ensure your Bonsai maintains its shape.

Your Bonsai has a rich history and has been cultivated and shaped with greatest care and artistry. The above information will enable you to keep your Bonsai healthy and attractive with the minimum effort…”

And this is my treasure ;).


In last few months I had opportunity to understood perfectly clear the words of Japan proverb: “…Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare…”. I hope that my new hobby give me time for a lot of thinking about my visions and actions. And I wonder about your hobby, can you tell me about it in comments?

P ;).

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