What my Bonsai Trees can teach to me?

Hi, Today I try to write about my new hobby. Carrying on of bonsai trees. I have got three of them and I need to say that there is a very nice hobby, so far. It corresponding with my gardening passion from a long time ago when I was very young. I learn from my trees that any of things do not like to be rushed. Everything needs time to grow up.

I learned also from my bonsai trees, that all of them like many other things, is never finished. It grows up slowly, but all the time needs your care. Tree cannot tell you what is wrong, what it needs, what will be helpful for it. And all of that learned me to be more sensitive. I am very happy with my new hobby and below is picture of one of my tree which was bought sick.

I saw it, small tree in very poor condition, and I was decided to buy it and cure it. Now it looks fine and new leafs start to grow up again on it. Below of this text there is a picture with a few  effects. It is my cured bonsai tree that can tell to me I am happy right now.


P ;).

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