DevDay 2012


Hi, today I was very happy attendee of the nice DevDay 2012 conference in Kraków, Poland. There was a lot of very charismatic presenters. And it was a great pleasure to watch them all in action. Well, the special guest of the conference was my favorite blogger Scott Hanselman and I think it was a great opportunity to meet him and make a small talk with him. I also receive signature on his book from Scott. So I think for me that was something unusual and nice. On the entire conference there was not any weak points. Everything was well organized, tasty, humorous and fun. Also on this todays event I was able to talk with many grate Polish developers, leads, architects, MVPs.

There was a 7 sessions od a DevDay 2012:

Scott Hanselman – It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore

Mark Rendle – Hidden Complexity: Inside Simple.Data and Simple.Web

Sebastian Lambla – HTTP Chaching 101

Rob Ashton – Javascript sucks and it doesn’t matter

Martin Mazur – Why you should talk to strangers

Antek Piechnik – Shipping code

Greg Young – How to get productive in a project in 24h

I think that I can describe sessions which I saw on DevDay 2012 a bit later. Right a moment I only want to share my opinion that there was great conference and for me definitely one of my favorite. So, I want wrote here a big thanks to have a chance of was there today.

P ;).

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