It is time to reap the fruit

imageHi, yep for me this end of the 2012 year bring me a nice fruit. As I wrote before I am now Microsoft Certified Trainer, moreover I provide training for 7 developers last two days of last week. And when I am writing about the fruits I am not only thinking about my clementine’s fruits of my bonsai tree I care of that you can see next behind this text. I am trying to share my opinion about my first authorized Microsoft Training MS-6464A and give you my feedback about that event. For me there was a nice time when I was able to show my experience I get in last 7 years. I did many customer applications. I made many happy customers smile faces after successful implementation in I think more than 20 projects, features, add-ons, plugins, and solutions I provide last 7 years.

For a first time I choose ADO.NET training because in my opinion there is most important technology for business application. Of course MS-6464A training is also about many other data access technology like LINQ, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Synchronization Services and even more. I was trying to share also my knowledge about related subjects. And I am trying to give resolution for most often made mistakes that I saw by many review times I had. So, I can say that for me there was a nice opportunity to share in practice my .net related knowledge.

Every authorized Microsoft training end up with a Metric That Matter Class Summary, you know. I was getting 7.86 average for my instructor skills. I am happy with that. I think it is a good result for a first time and I think I try to focus more on a effects and results. After my first training I know also that not everyone share my optimism, but I am trying go for TOV and treat my trainings in some kind of an expression of who I am. It is mean, If you want to learn something about me, looks to my code I produce or go to my class for a training. TOV is energy direction in my work and expression of who I am, you know.

P ;).

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