Time to Move On

Hello, I decide to move on and to begin a something new. My career will change. All my friends know where I am going, and I get many congratulations. At last, I figured out that making a decision about moving on was good, because all things fit each other and I am glad because of that, you know. So, you may wonder what has been happening to me since the last entry? I just made the last one a private post, sorry :). I am reading Five Questions That Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work book by John Scherer, He has a nice presentation that I saw live in 2010 at TEDx Kraków 2010.

And I wonder what He wants to say in His own book because I do not believe in golden quotes that change everything and in any silver bullets in problems solving too. But this book helped me understand what is happening at the workplace most of the time inside me. Maybe this is only one perspective, but this explained to me a lot, and I got a nice lesson from John’s book.

And this is only one point of view, above book. Another looked for answers to many important questions I could not understand before. First was, Have I really had friends around me, and who are they? And I found them around me, and that was really nice to see them in some hard moments. Another  question important to me since the last blog entry was What am I looking for in my work career? And right now, I have found an answer that is something like I am looking for a good step for moving on and developing myself. And I did so, you know, about a month ago. If you wonder where I am going you can invite me for a coffee and we can talk :).

So here I am ready for a new, happy to develop CodeCoach.Net with Grzesiek and Lukasz. These projects are starting to become very nice internally. We are working on the presentation layer, integration white-box tests, and functional black-box tests with full automatization. I am learning a lot about ASP.NET MVC 4 and client site techniques like jQuery, Knockout.js and nice combination of both client and server-side solutions like KnockoutMVC.

And at last I want to say that this is my reborn blog entry. It is too much fun to bury it at this moment. So welcome back, and you will see me on blog entry action very soon, I think, and I hope you will enjoy my blog posts more than before. I am wondering what you expect? More technical or more live discussions on it?

P ;).

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