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Hi, I am sending one email to one of the greatest .net podcast producers I have ever met, Carl Franklin, who produce .NET Rocks! episodes, you know and I asked If He could help me and record a conversation with someone about .NET and OpenAuth2 library implementation and all security staff around those subjects because I dig entire Internet and I could not find any good material to help me understand how can I manage session?, how it works?, how to make sure I used it properly? I am unsure if Carl read my email because He did not answer, and I also asked about very cool .NET Rocks! The mug I have dreamed of since listening to the first time .NET Rocks! Episode :). Anyway, I am unsure if He did because of my asking, but 3 days after my email, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell recorded a very cool episode of .NET Rocks! Dominick Baier Updates Our Security in .NET 4.5 with all answers for all questions I had. You know I did not receive a mug :P, but that time they really helped me. I like to believe that it was not accidentally but because of my asking for help. So Carl and Richard, stars of the Internet :), helped me, a casual coder from a small country, in a very cool and valuable way because I asked for help.

So, is that true? That many people do not ask for help. What do you think? Is below shown man was right?

P ;).

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