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Hi, To be honest I did not know how to scaling myself especially at work or on any work I did. How to have time for everything? How to make priorities of my day activities to stay current and stay productive? So, I did not know how to doing so. But I had a goal. I made decision I will be Software Architect. You can believe me or not, but I did a lot of architect work and never I get this job position. Ok I get it once, but in the way I never want to get again. Anyway, I was fresh post graduated, it was July, 2005 and I just want to get first job. After a while I saw that I did a lot of things at work that really does not matter. Things that not helping me get me and my job position goal I had, Software Architect, remember? But this blog post is not about my goal I had and I still have. It is blog post about how to scaling myself. It is really related with SA goal somehow. Let me explains it better.

After a while in May 2009, I realized that I was in second workplace and I cannot develop my skills. There is no option to became SA. But, I found on the Internet someone who was and who is SA. That was Marcin Celej, really great and wise man, I meet him at GL.PL and I first send message to him because of the my goal reason. I did not know how to be SA, so I thought that maybe he helping me somehow, advice something or I have a chance to somehow feel how to get it? This reminds me one presentation about Agile. Presenter finish this presentation with funny YT movie with Yoda make dubbing in studio. And also there was a question. Why Yoda had students? Why he train, mentor and coach, simple question what was most important reason I still remember this presentation and presenter. I was looking for answer a long time after a half of year it came to me. I found Steve Jobs explanation about his vision in computers as a tools for getting knowledge for students. Steve said that he makes computers for helping get knowledge. And also he explain that teachers will be always important, why? Because only teacher can inspire students to get knowledge. Sometimes different knowledge that teachers had. Sometimes in a completely different area. But because of some reason, a good teacher helps students to find their way :). Steve said and make it simple. Teachers are needed always because they are proactive, it is thing that cannot be done by any computer. Even if you are using computer always is someone behind. So you want to learn how to scaling yourself you can ask someone or watch his presentation, lecture or email course :).

That was something I get from Marcin. I participate to his course about manage time at, great site anyway :). Marcin had also MVP title that time, not a big deal, but this time it means something to me. He is successful, I am not. So, maybe he will teach me? So I participate to his course, and email after some portion of emails I realized that I am wasting my time, really. I need to change something, go step forward because I am on the way to nowhere. I mansion it was middle of 2009? First crisis time, remember? After a few months I quit job, and I was starting for shaping my live in the way I want. It was really scared of the time, but for a first time I go out my comfort zone and I had nothing, most important nothing to lose. To be honest, I pay a lot because of my decision to made this up. I was looking for a work anywhere. And I realized that I cannot be SA. I have only a bit of knowledge about producing software. I have not blog. I did not know English and I still learn it by my self, mostly on this blog :P. I was weak students at my technical university. So I go to the first work I have chance to go. And I start to study. Not the way like before when I have so many reasons to not learn. Most important was always, I do not need this, I know that :P. That was my blocker this time and very often is blocker for many people. Feeling that you know that prevents from learning mostly, you know. So it was winter 09/10 and I just want to learn. I am not really know how good I am now? How much I scale myself? I see fruits of my work that made me happy. I am not afraid to say to manager of project I work in. I do not want to work with you anymore. I am good enough to be honest and find different workplace. Personal freedom for me you know especially in current crazy times. So if you want to know how to do that just watch someone who is proactive and who present those subjects really cool and Scott does not sucks too much :). Anyway I learn all that from Marcin. Scott just reminds it to me, as you know I was on DevDay 2012, best conference since a while to me. Hope you enjoy it.

P ;).

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