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typescript-logo-426x188Hi, True be told I am a huge fan of all languages produced by one of the greatest creator of our time in my industry area Anders Hejlsberg. One of his last idea is TypeScript as you probably know. And mentioned he as co-author of this language described it as a superset of JavaScript. I was happy when I found on Arek’s blog info and interview with Anders mostly about this language especially about its 0.9 version with lambda expressions, generic types and so on, and if you has no previous experience with TypeScript so far it can give you type safe feeling on truly dynamic JavaScript working with challenges. And it is something much deeper in understanding in that. In JavaScript there is only 4 types: boolean, string, number and object. That is all. And in fact, all types can be imagined as stored in memory as a string. And that’s why all magic happens all the time on JavaScript, and all casts are liked to produce a string. If you think about that it now have explanation for you, you know, that all your types in JavaScript are stored as a string. And also, you can understand why “==” and “===” are used easily. Anyway, as I mansion, it is a great  interview on Channell9, so I strongly recommend that to you. My last idea is about async and LINQ like extensions to the language and I think that somebody should do standardization not only for TypeScript itself but also for a kind of TypeScript Framework as well for all kind of 4GL extensions of this language. Just idea! Happy Codding!

Anders Hejlsberg Q&A: TypeScript, C#, Roslyn, and More

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