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Hello, one of my last blog post was about answer for the question why people work? Today I would like to go with that, and I want to share one of my childhood stories with you. When I was young, I had difficulty with letters. When I was trying to write something, I made many mistakes. And at the end of elementary school, I wondered what I should do with that. So I went to the psychology center for school students in my region. And after about 4 hours of tests, the description was slightly different from my teachers’ description of my disability. Let’s say that I was good enough to make some progress in life and a kind of talent was discovered, so my opinion was that I should go to in the future university. And I was not stupid like was suggested by my teachers. But the interesting thing was after all tests with the psychology lady. She told me that I should go to school and work hard. She said I needed money, not because I could do that. So, I asked, but why? Money never was important to me. And then she said that I needed money to make my dreams happen, which was the only good way to develop. That was a completely different perspective of view. At that time, I had no money, and she told me why it is important to have money and work. Because dreams, they usually need a kind of energy to come true, and that is usually money. Truth be told, that is the essence of life-work balance for me. Because when you have something nice, it can be more interesting for you than work duties, and you can balance them efficiently. I think I do not need to describe why nice things are important for family, right? When you build a nice life plan, it always needs your effort and focus. But as a fruit of all your work, you can make your dreams come true. And at the end of this entry, I would like to share with you the last dream I needed to pay for. It is not a big deal, but the reality was that I needed to work hard for about 2 years to make it happen. I can buy at last the table of my dreams… One more thing is that that childhood event also shows me why psychology is so nice and important, and I have liked this subject a lot since that time too.


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