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imageHi, as you know I am on vacation right now and that vacation, unfortunately, is just going to end. It was a nice time for me. First of all, it was our first vacation in a warm place after about 8 years of hard work and trying to build or maybe even rebuild our life. So it was nice to experience overall. And I had the cool opportunity to think about many things. To make some decisions and understand better where I am?, where to go?, and what I want? A lot of things. I even try to write some of my ideas to not forget. And I even wanted to publicize it here for some time, but then I decided that there are mostly for me and not for share.

I had one very nice conversation not so long time ago and the key question I heard was about mistakes and failures I had. I could not understand why these questions produced so many different perspectives of view and ideas in my head. Still, it did.

And it reminds me one story told me by my grandmother, that happened at the hospital, where she worked at, about one inmate. He is very sick, so my grandma asks him if maybe he wants to confess because the hospital is regularly visited by priests. He says to her – I am not sure I can. Why is that? – she asks. – I did not confess for about 20 years, but you know I will do that. And after some time, my grandma revisited this guy because she was curious and asked him – what was your confession like? And He says – it was swift. – How is it possible after 20 years? – she asks. He says – I confessed that I did not nothing serious like murder or crime, or fire something or steal anything and so on and so far, so I had not any hard sin, and when I am thinking about small sins – He said – like be not nice to my wife or family, telling bad things, drinking, do not care about something, curse, and other small sins. – I simply did all of them – he says – So, it was a concise confession – he laughs;-).

And that is something I realized after thinking about my mistakes in life and work. That is something similar to the above story. So, I did nothing severe in anything or for anyone. And if you think about small mistakes, wrong words, or stupid failures, I made all of them. And understanding this makes me very happy. Because all small mistakes can be fixed, I try to fix them immediately after I make all of them.

And what about new way direction? I do not know; I am still looking for something nice to do, so if you have any ideas, just let me know and contact me. Now I want to get new inspirations. So, I try to go to be on audience of TEDx Krakow 2013 this year and I just receiving message that place of it will be changed. So, there are more sit places, and if you would like to go, I recommended to visit registration page and try to get a place. I am not sure I will be chosen, but I will try to register anyway.

P ;).

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