Great Voices

Hi voices, Cher, Celine, Adele please meet Ewelina ;-). And have a nice to meet her. Just listen to her.


That reminds me that one of Polish book writer Jerzy Pilch told once as a character on movie Wtorek (means Tuesday), that “…music can born in man minds but making music should be only allow to women…”. You know, he is a man and probably a lot of women could say a lot about voice of Leonard, Joe, Bob and Kamil form by nature different view perspective. However I am man too and I am listening Ewelina for a long time and I enjoy every moment and every emotion she express by singing.

I hope that Ewelina has no mind that I take her cover and put here, but you know it is incredible how good she is. I hope she keep going to develop her amazing talent.

And I was thinking how to proof that I like her voice… and I have a suggestion to you, hope you get it.



Have a nice day!

P ;).

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