KinectCam version 1.1

KinectForWindowsHi, today I finished working on KinectCam version 1.1 that you can download from KinectCam post on my blog. It is located at Kinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam page. I was asked several times to create a version with some settings that the user could change. And I have been wondering how to put settings on the local computer in the most convenient way. The first idea was to use a registry, but unfortunately, the webcam driver cannot access the operating system’s registry. The second idea was to use XmlSerializer and some self-serialized XML files; however, controlling all settings, stores, and locations did not look nice to me. And finally, I realized that every project in the .NET environment has in properties Settings tab where I can create settings for applications or libraries, and the .NET framework takes care of the rest of things for me for free, so it was a much better option. And I could use it as configuration, for example, MyLibrary.Properties.Settings.Default.Angle property with both getter and setter and forget about all pain elements of any custom configuration storage. So, anyway version of KinectCam 1.1 is ready for download and well-tested, with a nice option for angle control. So far, I have had about 5500 downloads of this solution, and I am pleased about that. If you have any idea how to improve this small product and what settings are worth adding, please feel free to comment on this post and let me know. See you next time on coding to design and enjoy the new Kinect.

P ;).

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  1. Hi Piotr,
    Very good job, thank you for this great tool, I buy a Kinect for Windows and now using it for voice and video, realy cool 🙂
    It will be very funny to be able to choice the video layer used: RBG, IR, Depth, near mode
    Best regards,

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