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Hi, today I would like to share a very nice tutorial created by Makes Sense on YouTube. It is nice to see when someone likes my solution and creates a very nice easy to share explanation how to use KinectCam. I would like to thanks for creating it to the author of this very nice tutorial and share it here. I have only one improvement in mind when I am watching it. When you try to run “install.bat” as an Administrator and you right click on install.bat there is also option “Edit” to choose and when you use that option a notepad window appears and you can add “X:” and “cd X:\KinectCamOnX\” where X is your hard drive letter and KinectCamOnX is a path or your hard drive X. Those additional 2 lines are for Win8 that is not smart enough to run “install.bat” in the current path so you need to add those 2 lines to make sure KinectCam will be registered correctly from working path. And when you save your notepad work you can then run “install.bat” as an Administrator and it will be working on Win8 with no problems to registration. I was thinking of creating an installer setup for automatically do that, but you know, I like to share KinectCam solution as created by the hacker to hackers :P.

KinectCam on YouTube Tutorial

P ;).

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