Hi, today I would like to share with you small project I wrote in 2006 during my experiments with Oracle Database and C# with just launched this time ADO.NET. In this time there was not many tools for simple write queries and execute them in an easy way, so I decided to write on my own small tool that took about 350 lines of C# code and allow me did experiments. And I dig today my hard drive and I found it and I was very happy that it works. So the screens are from today play with it. I think that you can experiment by yourself with this code. All you need is to build it with MSbuild, Sharp Develop, or Visual Studio or whatever you want. It looks like is shown below when you run it and type database schema login credentials.


So, as I wrote it first asking for login credentials to connect and when you are connected you can run your favorite queries and run it by hit F5. And also it runs part of text that is selected. Pretty nice as 350 lines of code, don’t you think?


This is nothing big, but it is something that you can download and learn by own experiments how to interact with ADO.NET/C# and use Oracle Database. And here it is source code of Filedownload Error: file 'https://iblog.isowa.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ODBBrowser.zip' does not exist! (2949 downloads). Enjoy!.

P ;).

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