Hi, today I am happy to announce PLSQLTester that is version of TSQLTester that works on Oracle database instead of Microsoft SQL Server. It works basically the same. And below, you can find how it looks. It depends only on the ODP.NET provider, so assembly Oracle.DataAccess needs to be installed to build this solution. And it works the same way like TSQLTester there are following parameters: connectionStringFile, testCodeSqlFile, newCodeSqlFile, oldCodeSqlFile and preCodeSqlFile, postCodeSqlFile. And last two are not obligatory. PLSQLTester runs the test code twice after invoking new code and the second time after invoking old code. And at the end tool measure how fast was the invocation of 2 tests and is the test produces the same output because that is compared. If it is the same output test pass, we have the benefits measurement of execution time.


You can download source code with one example on 12c here PLSQLTester (3100 downloads). Enjoy!

P ;).

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