KinectCamV2 for Kinect V2

Hi, There is new Kinect V2 device and I have this amazing new device since Friday. I bought it from Microsoft Store last week, and of course, I checked if the new version of Kinect and its SDK 2.0 support works as a Web Cam. And it is not so I decided to create new version of KinectCam for Kinect V2 and I named it KinectCamV2.

But lets begin with first unpacking photo ;-).


After that I setup KinectCamV2 lab to make it ;-).


And the next day was a day of testing of the solution ;-).


To install KinectCamV2 you need:

PC with USB 3 port and Windows 8 OS or above.

Kinect V2 for Windows that you can order here.

Kinect V2 for Windows SDK 2.0 that you can download from here.

KinectCamV2 it is pure .NET/C# 4.5 solution that automatically use installed SDK for KinectV2 and should be compatible with next SDKs. To use this solution, you need to unpack your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 in folder C:\KinectCamV2, and after that, go to this folder and right click on the install.bat file and choose “Run as an Administrator,” and run it. After that, your Kinect will work great with Google Hangout, Skype, and other programs. Here you can get FullFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.2 with IBaseFilter (37182 downloads) or FullFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.2 (35776 downloads) with Mirrored and Desktop options in System Tray or NewFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.1 (31983 downloads) or NewKinectCamV2 ver. 2.0 (34265 downloads). Enjoy!.

There is one more thing… I would like to share with you a small update. Many want to use this solution for Skype for Business 2016 or older. The solution is straightforward because Skype for Business 2016 and older use .NET Framework 2.0 runtime, and KinectCamV2 driver is written in .NET Framework 4.0, forcing Skype for Business 2016 or older to use .NET Framework 4.0 all you have to do is the effortless thing. You have to create lync.exe.config file with the following content.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/>

And copy it to the place where you have lync.exe installed, for example inside folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16”. This solution can be used for other solutions that use .NET Framework, and you need to be forced to use a higher version of the .NET Framework.

P ;-).

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  2. My Skype on laptop just use the default camera of the laptop without using the K4W v2. Do you have any suggestions for build up a Kinect Network server from C# since each Kinect should connect to a PC. I have 3 Kinect sensors and have to implement it on 3 PCs?

    • You may just use solution described at it is fast possible way to built communication across the network and the same moment is great interoperability so server that takes all data can be on GNU/Linux written in C++. There is also interesting how you design clients. Can you write more about this project?

  3. I try to look into this DropBox file but all extracted files was empty. I also based on KinectCam v1 to make KinectCam v2 and I was wonder what you have only in KinectHelper.cs, so if you could please share it here. In general it is a nice subject to make something bigger with v2 version and If I found time I would create next version with more features. Will see. Thanks for comment!

  4. Hi, installed the application, but the kinect 2 camera doesnt appear on the list of cameras available for skype? i restarted, but still -- doesnt appear. Any tips? thanks
    Also, would you know how i can use the IR in the kinect 2 so i can use my harmony remote?

    • First of all you need to install latest Skype of Desktop it means make sure you have latest version of Skype. Than make sure you install KinectCamV2 as I described. Then if “Kinect Camera V2” not appears in your video cameras in Skype settings, turn Skype off, and go to %appdata% folder, and rename or delete Skype folder, and then run Skype again. It will start as first time use and now “Kinect Camera V2” should be detected correctly.
      Unfortunately I do not know how to use IR with harmony remote. I always thought that this is only kind of IR source and detector for creating IR model of world for Kinect and not for remote control of anything, but it is interesting if that is an option too. Let me know if you find the answer. Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this update.
    I have installed the driver and the camera shows up correctly in Skype and Google Hangouts.
    However, the video stream seems to freeze after about 2 minutes, and can only get it back if you mute/unmute the camera or restart call.
    This is the same in Skype and Hangouts.
    Any ideas? a conflict maybe? win 8.1 64 bit

    • This is knowing issue and I think it is because SDK is in preview version. Code of getting data is the same way I wrote it for Original Kinect. So I think there is SDK issue and I am waiting for a new version of it.

  6. I rewrote get frame methods in KinectCamV2 and I changed the name to the NewKinectCamV2. Now it not freeze after few minutes.

  7. Hi,
    first of all thanks for this application. I run it in Skype and it works quite well (it’s only a bit “slowed” but I don’t know why).
    I see that the image visualized on the screen is not mirrored as is the case of all Kinect SDK application.
    There is a way to solve this problem?

    • I checked that when you are using KinectCam and Skype or Hangout you see yourself mirrored and also when you talk with someone else He or She sees you not mirrored, so it works. However I have parameter inside my code that is boolean value and can mirror or not, may be I should expose that option in camera settings? What do you think? It may be nice for future version of KinectCamV2. Thanks!

  8. thansk so much for your article… it is really helpful for me… I always visit your blog to get new information from your blog…

  9. Hi, thanks for this program, the Kinect v2 has a pretty good camera so I’m glad to use it as a webcam.
    I was wondering, do you have any plans to access the IR camera in this program for use with head tracking software (facetracknoir, opentrack etc)?

    • In fact there is a lot options to use Kinect as WebCam, really a lot, but I simply have not time to make something nice. I think I should open source of KinectCamV2 and invite people to add more features. Btw, there is new Kinect 2.0 SDK and I tested it with KinectCamV2 and it works great. I am also happy of the camera quality. If you have some design idea how to use head tracking nice please use Contact on my blog, may be I realize and share your idea. Thanks!

  10. I just added NewFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.1 for download on this post. It is much faster than previous version, if I correctly measured it is about 50% faster. Enjoy!

  11. Hi,
    Is there any way to make the device it appear “Imaging devices” in Device Manager? Also, will this work with the Release SDK?

    • Hi,
      I do not know, how to add “Kinect Camera V2” as “Imaging Device”, probably it should be done by creating inf and sys driver files but I am not sure how to make it correctly. And yes it works with Release SDK.

  12. Hi,
    I installed and its working great from Skype. However, I wanted to use ffmpeg to stream video from the Kinect 2 to another machine (which I can do with my webcam on my laptop) but its not showing up as a “direct show” device under ffmpeg.
    e.g. The command:
    ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy
    Does not show any Kinect video device. Any ideas?

  13. This seems like a great tool. I’ve tried installing it. I get the Kinect to show up as a source, but when the application tries to use the camera it says the device is already in use. Is there a known work around for this? I’m using the latest SDK from MS.

  14. Hi,
    It works fine for Skype, but it doesn’t works with Internet Explorer (apps requiring webcam like Lync Web App). Does someone have a solution ?

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  16. Piotr, I really appreciate the work you did no the drivers for Skype. However when I try to do a video capture in Camtasia or Vegas, it doesn’t seem to record. Any thoughts about why?
    Thank you.

  17. Today I created new version 2.2 of KinectCamV2 with nice 2 options in System Tray. First is called Mirrored and you can use it to mirror your video. Second is called Desktop and when you enable it you share your desktop instead of Kinect video. It works great for both Skype and Google Hangout. It is fast and video is very fast. Enjoy! :).

    • Hi. I am working on a project that will use Kinect to do depth occlusion for an AR application with Metaio, all this with Unity. As Kinect is not recognized as a camera by default, I have been searching for a way to feed the video feed from Kinect to Metaio (the default solutions are not efficient for realtime applications). I just found KinectCamV2. First of all, great job working on this ! But for some reason, the video feed is not perfect for Metaio. It is recognized as a camera and listed as such by Metaio (and it’s actually freaking amazing, considering how long I have been working my ass off to overcome this issue). You can have a look at what I get here :
      If you can take a look or at least tell me where I should go to find a solution, that would be really nice of you ! Here are the links to the differents things needed if you want to dig the problem :
      Unity :
      Metaio :
      Kinect Plugin for Unity :
      However, it needs Unity Pro. You can either start a Free Trial or find a way around. Thanks for your help !

      • I have no time to help you with this and I have no interests to learn this. Looks like it is nice idea however I do not want to invest my time to make it. Sorry :).

      • Hey H.Benjamin, we are trying a similar thing for our bachelor thesis! But we already had problems accesing the kinect as webcam. (we are not using unity pro) How did you manage that it is recognized by Metaio? (Probably i dont know how to use the KinectCamv2 dlls properly :)) We already did some metaio scenes and also used the kinect 2 with the setImage() method. But it is not really satisfying. It would be aaaabsolutly great if you can help us.

  18. Hi,
    This looks great, but can it use the depth and color information to do background removal/replacement after a configurable depth? That would be awesome!

    • Maybe one day I will make it :). It is nice idea, the problem right now is how to store settings to persistence. It is no trivial, solutions for background replacement is easy itself. I do not promise that I make it, but may be one day as I said :)…

  19. I’m not sure how to install the new 2.2 version. Do I have to install 2.0 first then install FullFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.2 with Mirrored and Desktop options in System Tray. Do I have to install NewKinectCamV2 ver. 2.0 first and then install FullfastKinect? When I install Fullfastkinect by itself, it doesn’t work..

    • I have Win 8.1 Pro x64, Kinect for Windows V2, I just installed Kinect V2 SDK 2.0, copy unpacked FullFastKinectCamV2 to C:\ folder, so I have C:\KinectCamV2 folder with 4 files inside. When I had that setup I simply righ-click on install.bat and I choose Run as an Administrator. And that is all I need. For me it works perfectly. I tested it with Skype and Google Hangout in IE. Video is fast and with high quality. Also I have options in system tray to change when it runs Mirrored or Desktop options. Mirrored switch on/off video to be mirrored or not and Desktop options switch on/off showing my desktop instead of Kinect video output. I hope it helps your :).

    • It looks like v2.1 works with some stuff, but not everything. It works with the desktop version of Skype, but not the Skype app.

      • Thank you very much for sharing this information here. It is definitely time for checking that before new OS release publicly. However I have no access to this new system to check it by myself. Can you share more information about how you setup KinectCamV2 on Windows 10? Is it x86 or x64 bit OS? Is it the same location for RegAsm as on previous systems? Do you have any log from installation? Can you redirect output from command prompt to file? Something like following command: install.bat > log_on_win10.txt when you open command prompt as Administrator? Anyway thanks a lot for sharing info so quickly after Technical Preview launch.

        • No problem dude!
          Not entirely sure if this was a mistake on my part (probably was), or if they updated something on windows 10, but your most recent version seems to work perfectly now!
          One last question from me, would it be possible for this to work with only the camera part of the kinect? Watching my CPU usage jump from 15% to 60% for a webcam seems a little drastic.
          Thanks dude! Keep up the awesome work!

          • Thanks for this info. If you like I shared recently whole source code on KinectCamV2 at So you may see how it was build. I did that because some people on the Internet post my decompiled version as their own, and I do not like my code with my author name removed only… Anyway the issue with 15%-60% CPU is because KinectV2 camera stream frame rate is 575 FPS with resolution 1920x1080 and there is no option to slow them down to 30 FPS. And that is why solution consumes a lot of CPU I think. If produced allow in SDK option to specify FPS that you want that could help. For now that is the only option. Also for some CPUs it is not 15%-60% but 2%-10% :). I think I can for each 5 frames in sequence ignore 4 of them get data only from 5th of them to reduce CPU usage by divide it by, I will check that. Thanks dude! :).

  20. I m not a programmer but i would like use kinect v2 on pc for skype.
    SDK2.0 is installed and NewKinectCamV2 downloaded.
    I created a new file on c: like c:KinectCamV2 and then copy the 8 files of NewKinectCamV2 on it.
    And right click on install.bat file and choose Run as an Administrator
    a dos window open and immediately closes.
    My camera doesn t appears on skype option…
    I don t know why…
    Could you help me please.
    (excuse me for my english…i m french)

  21. Hi Piotr, I just tried V2.2 and it works great in Google Hangouts. Thank you for the work you’ve put into this, and thank you for sharing the source code!
    I’m looking at using this for a baby monitoring application. Have you tried the IR video feed? If not, I may be able to add this as an option.

    • I tried but I decided to not add it. Only practical implementation I considered was to add background remove and replace it by wallpaper picture. If you want to play with IR, just do it! :).

      • Hi Piotr, thanks again for your work on this.
        I’ve added proof-of-concept IR functionality to your code and it seems to work great. One issue that I have is the image size/resolution. The Kinect color stream is 1920x1080, but the IR is 512x424. I can scale-and-center the IR into the 1920x1080 buffer called ‘sensorColorFrameData’, no problem. But I’m curious about whether there’s a more elegant/efficient way of propagating the IR data. Ideally, I think, sensorColorFrameData should be instantiated to match the resolution of the Kinect stream. I tried following the code in VirtualCam.cs but I couldn’t see any way of controlling the resolution on that side of things. I could dig deeper on my own, but I was curious about your perspective on this.

  22. There is a issue when I use it in unity.
    “Could not find specified video device”
    Do you have any idea about this problem!? 

  23. This works great for Skype for Windows, but I am not having luck getting Skype for Business client to work with the Kinect v2 Cam. Any ideas? 🙁

    • To be clear the issue is that the Kinect cam is not showing up in the settings, the same issue I had with Skype but was fixed by clearing the appdata cache. Is there some similar cache for Skype for Business I wonder?

  24. Hi, Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge.
    I Installed “KinectCamV2” and its working fine.
    I am facing the following issues:-
    1. I am using Filter with VideoForge SDK and I am getting the following error
    “Unable to add filter: Kinect Camera V2, Unable to cast object of type ‘KinectCam.VirtualCamFilter’ to type ‘DirectShowLib.IBaseFilter’.
    Unknown input media format.
    Unable to connect video sample grabber
    Unable to connect main screen filter to video output pin.”
    Might possible this issue related to there side.
    2. When I use the filter in “graphstudionext.exe” and render I saw two sections as output upper one totally black and below section shows the lot of images very close to each other and lot of vertical lines.

    • You can go to:
      download source code and implement in class:
      that should help you :).
      All you have to do is change 1 line from:

      public class VirtualCamFilter : BaseSourceFilter, IAMFilterMiscFlags


      public class VirtualCamFilter : BaseSourceFilter, IBaseFilter, IAMFilterMiscFlags

      I made this change for you. See blog post and look for IBaseFilter version.
      Let me know if that help you?

      • Thanks For Reply.
        Can you explain please what is meant by “See blog post and look for IBaseFilter version”

        • This blog post. I updated it and there is now new version with 0 downloads :). Please try it for your propose.

  25. Hi,
    1. Can you have Help OR any plan to add feature Zoom-In & Zoom-Out using gesture / Skeleton image?
    2. Any idea / guideline to keep image in center

  26. Hi. I downlaoded the “NewKinectCamV2 ver. 2.0” but when i try to open it. The program just closes down. Nothing happens…. Do you know why?

    • What program are you opening, and how are you opening it? Are you double-clicking on the icon for install.bat?

    • Hi Jeffrey, if you provide more information about what you tried we may be able to help you. Please be very specific 🙂

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  28. I wanted to find out if this is setup to run two kinects on one system I am pretty sure my system can handle running two kinects. I will take a look at the source code but my C# is pretty rusty tbh any tips to point me in the right direction or if this is not possible would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for developing this!

    • In my opinion this is impossible with current Kinect V2 SDK 2.0, because there is only one KinectSessors.Default sensor to use. With previous Kinect there was GetSensor method when you put the number 0, 1, 2 etc and you get access to another Kinect sensor. Also it would be not trivial task to have 2 KinectCams work together on on PC. When SDK allow use 2 sensor that could be possible, but I am afraid that the amount of data from 1 sensor is so big that there is not good reason to have 2 of them. Thanks!

  29. Hello. I tried all of your files and none of them worked for Skype. I followed your instructions to no avail. I have windows 10 and I think this may be the root problem. I got sdk 2.0 to work and I am currently 3d scanning with color. Do you have any suggestions at this point? Thanks for the hard work.

    • Hi Jesse
      Can you try please some Virtual Camera Software like VCam from e2e Website. Select input Video Source “Kinect Cam V2” Driver and it use its output “e2eSoft Vcam” driver in skype.
      I hope it will work.

      • I found the issue was the destination file. I was deleting all off the path up to whatever the file was called and then realized you literally have to put it in C:\kinectcamv2, not C:\fullfastkinectcamv2… I’m kind of new to this, but now everything is working great! Thank you for the hard work. If I could only get 3d Builder to work properly in windows 10 now. No scan button. Looks like I’m going back to windows 8 soon

  30. Great piece of software. It works flawlessly with Win 10.
    Why Microsoft does not integrate Kinect in Windows with the same functionalities as in Xbox is something that will never understand. It should be a matter of plugging it and full stop.
    Great work Piotr.

  31. Hello!
    Thank you very much for this awesome tool, it’s unbelievable that Microsoft does not provide this out of the box (especially with a Kinect build specifically for Windows…)
    I’d like to signal a small bug: In the Video Capture Filter Properties (that I opened from Skype’s “Webcam Options” panel), if you enable the Desktop checkbox and then click on Mirrored Skype will crash.
    Again a huge Thank You for your work!

  32. Any interest in getting this to work with Lync/Skype for Business? There seems to be a demand for such a solution. Would be interested in working on this with you if you are open.

    • image

      As you can see version 1.2 of KinectCam works fine with Skype for Business 2015. Screen above is from KinectCam not KinectCamV2, but their are share the same solution, so it should works too. Enjoy! :).


  33. Hi,
    Can you try to develop same direct show filter for Kinect V2 Audio?
    The reason is Kinect Audio Device Available in Sound Recording Devices does not support Kinect Audio features like Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation and Auto Gain control.
    How can I implement these Audio features to kinect MIC.

  34. Hi,
    Can you please guide me how can I get Depth Image and IR Data through Direct show filter. Same like Color Image.
    I already got all the streams but I am facing resolution issues. for example color is 1920 * 1080 Depth and IR is 512 * 424

    • Hi Imran,
      I’ve been running IR for a couple months now, best baby monitor on the market 🙂 I’ve communicated with Piotr about integrating this into the next version of KinectCam, but I’m not really in a position to do that until early next week.
      I’ve also got the scaling code in place, too. There’s nothing you can do to get native IR at 1920*1080 because the sensor itself is 512*424. I’ve written a couple different scaling functions, sort of a quick-and-dirty brute force, and also a higher quality interpolation. In my experience the fast brute force method provides “good enough” results, but I guess it depends on what application you have in mind.
      I may look at doing depth too, but it’s not a high priority. If you needed it right away, you could probably use the IR code as an example.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I am using the Same direct show filter developed by Mr. Piotr Sowa. I need Depth image and IR Image as output from filter. Same like color image. But I dont want to reduce the size 1920 * 1080. Can you please explain one more time in more little bit detail.

        • Hi Imran,
          When you scale an image, you’re basically converting it from 512x424 to 1920x1080. The “brute force” way of doing this, speaking very informally, is to create a new image by taking one pixel from the IR, and creating 4 matching pixels in the 1920x1080 image. This roughly works out because 1920 is roughly equal to 4*512. Now there’s a bit more details to it than that, but that’s the right idea. The major problem with this method, in our situation, is that it creates a roughly square image, since 512x424 is roughly square also… and 1920x1080 is very rectangular. So my code puts the square-ish scaled IR image in the middle of a 1920x1080 image.
          I’ve found that this is probably the best/fastest way of doing the scaling, and the output isn’t noticeably different from a more sophisticated approach. The faster scaling method is desireable because it allows a higher framerate.
          I suspect that we will release the code for this sometime next week. I’m optimistic 🙂

          • Thanks again. The name “brute force” is new for me. Can you please forward me the link / detail about it. I mean how to implement it?

          • My apologies, “brute force” isn’t a formal name or anything like that, it’s just a common phrase for taking the simplest or easiest-to-implement approach. If you google for “scale an image” I’m sure you’ll find the same method that I used.

          • Thanks for reply and passion. If possible can you send the same you have.

  35. Hey,
    I have an adapter that allows you to use the Kinect 2 on Windows. I
    have t bought the Kinect 2 yet, so I wanted to ask.
    if I buy the Kinect 2 for xbox one, and use its adapter for windows, will it work?

  36. Kinect camera resolution is off, showing multiple repeated images. Is there a way to configure the setttings?
    I am using Kinect SDK v2.

    • Same here, installed KinectCAM V2 and in AMCap I get 4 repeated images as you can see here:
      Also I’m trying to find a solution to make the KinectCAM use the device’s depth cam or color cam. I’m thinking if there is a way to change the “camera that KinectCam points to” to get the correct stream.

  37. Hi, I added small update at the end of the post. Simple answer to the question, how to enable KinectCamV2 to works with Skype for Business 2016 or older. Many people asked me for this, so that made them happy I think. Enjoy!
    p ;-).

  38. Hello,
    Cette solution fonctionne très bien pour Skype, mais la Kinect2 n’est toujours pas détectée par Chrome ?
    Aurais-tu une idée de pourquoi ? Et de comment faire ?
    Je suis à court de solutions, je désespère !
    En tous cas, merci pour ta solution 🙂

  39. I really want to use my kinect as a streaming cam on twitch yet its not working with any of the software. Any future updates on the plan or thought?

    • Sorry, but I do not have time to investigation and to develop something more, but sources are opened, so maybe someone else will help you?

    • You need to write a DirectX filter/plugin to read from kinect and output the video. Perhaps someone has alert done this.

  40. Hi, I think KinectCamV2 doesn’t work properly with the latest version of Skype ( The video is working fine on local machine, but the other party doesn’t receive any video. There is no video on destination pc.
    Anyone else having such a problem?

    • Yes -- the video isn’t received successfully with Skype apps installed on on a range of mobiles and tablets. Weirdly it does seem to work on Skype clients installed on Macs. Is this a decoding issue? Any ideas for a fix?

  41. Hello Piotr.
    First of all thank you for developing this.
    OS System: WIndows 10
    Kinect: V2
    I have installed the FullFastKinectCamV2 ver. 2.2 as instructed, but when I try to open on AMCap, for example, the image output has some errors. There are many lines (both horizontal and vertical) on the image and the image is duplicated in the vertical aspect.
    Here is a screenshot:
    Here is a screenshot when I try to open it on VLC:
    I am able to use the input from the RGB camera ( through the Kinect SDK) in other program perfectly so I know there is no error with the Kinect device.
    Do you know a solution to this?
    Thank you,

  42. Hi! Thank you for your nice application.
    I faced some problems when I applied the Kinectcam v2 with Skype.
    First, it seems work perfectly when I go to the Skype video setting. I can see myself in setting part.
    However, when I call someone, they can’t see my cam and keep loading with my camera.
    My OS is wins 10.
    Do you have any idea dealing with this?
    Thank you.

  43. Hi, I am running SFB 2016 x64 with Windows 10 anniversary edition and I’ve done your update item and added the lync.exe.config file and SFB client still shows no video devices. I do see it in consumer skype. Any ideas? I’ve re-checked many times and I’ve put it in the correct folder, etc. (Since it’s x64 edition of office I put it in the program files directory, not the x86.)

  44. What can I say? I know that Skype after recent upgrade stop work, so I started use Google Hangout instead. Maybe in future release of Skype functionality will be back? If not I can do nothing about it. Sorry…

  45. Hi Guys,
    Microsoft just released a new driver for the Kinect V2 sensor:
    You need to go to device manager > Kinect sensor devices and right click on the ‘wdf Kinect sensor interface 0’ device and update the driver.
    Now, this wont get the skype desktop app working with the Kinect sensor (probably needs an update) -- BUT -- the windows 10 skype preview app (download it in the store if you don’t have it) will now recognize the Kinect as a video sensor and you can use it again!
    Please note -- this fix only works form windows 10.

    • Hello,
      De mon coté la mise à jour du pilote ne fonctionne pas. Windows aurait sorti un nouveau pilote le 4-nov-2016 mais c’est tj celui du 18/10/2014 qui m’est indiqué comme étant le plus récent (et je n’arrive pas non plus à le trouvé sur le net).
      Si qq à une idée je suis preneur, car comme Alan, l’image de ma Kinect n’est pas transmise sous Skype (sous W10).
      Merci !

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  47. hello SIR
    First of I would like to thanks for share your boundless work with and appreciate your work sir that’s very helpful to me. For my scope the RGB image is too high, I just want to reduce its resolution and simply use it.
    Sorry for this silly question Basically I’m newby to the kinect and .Net programming.

  48. Him, i have a problem that Skype reconize the video in setting, and i also see myself in the screen of camerasetting. But when I make a call, another people dont see me. can you have me ? use Skype for business 2016 (32bit). many thanks

  49. Hello Piotr,
    Many thanks for making this available!
    However, just like the commentor above (Nguyen), Skype detects the Kinect cam and I can see my own image BUT Skype does not seem to transmit the video… other people cannot see me.
    Could this be an issue with the “WDF Kinect sensor interface 0” driver on the device manager (which won’t update)? I don’t know how to fix this. Also, Hangouts cannot detect the Kinect cam.

  50. About picture brightness, is there easy way to add brightness adjustement for your software…. I have so overburned picture on my skype chat… My 28″ screen gives a too much light for my faces 🙂

  51. “Kinect V2 for Windows that you can order here.” link is now dead
    I have the SDK installed and the Kinect works through Kinect Studio v2.0, but I can’t get any other apps to connect to it as a cam. Where else can I downloadd the software that will allow me to do this?

  52. Just installed everything and it works amazing with Skype! But only with Skype and that’s my problem.
    If I use any capturing programs like the one from apowersoft or Camtasia the kinect cam get’s not recognized. In Skype everything works fine but with other programs there seems to be a problem. Even VLC does not work with the Kinect to capture a video.
    Do you have a solution for this?

  53. Hello,
    I’ve currently come across your site in my ventures with the Kinect V2. I was wondering if you could assist me with getting it to work with my Discord App & possibly Facebook’s Messenger Video Calling?
    I’m using Win10 x64 1803 Update. Currently, it shows up with the use of your “FullFastKinectCamV2 Ver2.2 with IBaseFilter” driver pack. Yet when i test the feed in the app it only will light up the sensor bar,but not display the feed in my Discord or apps. I’ve gotten Skype to work but i rarely use it.
    Have i configured something improperly or ? Still reading through your comment section to relavent info for my issue. Anyway thanks for your time&the driver packs!

  54. Hi everyone,
    I just spend some time to get a Kinect v2 at work on WIn10 with Skype Desktop 2020, Skype for Business 2016 and some other Messenger Apps e.g. VIBER and like the share this:

    The bad news first: the driver from Piotr is not working any more -- with both named versions of Skype -- even you see your own picture in the video apps, this picture is not transmitted. I don’t know why, most probably M$ changed the .NET Framwork and the new one is not downwards compatible,

    The good new: Microsofft offered a new driver for the Kinect v2(PC) on WIn10 which enables you to integrate the device as a normal WEBCAM, check here:

    But this will still not work with Skype for Business 2016 because it uses the old .NET Framework UNTIL you install the “WindowsPreview.Kinect.8.1 2.2.1905.16001” libaries here:

    Again all this will not work with Skype for Desktop 2020, UNTIL you install the “preview Skype version” from here:

    VIBER recognise the Kinect v2 as WEBCAM and works without trouble. I dont use other Video Client, so DONT ask me for other, please.

    The drawback of all this work is still that the deep sensor of Kinect-v2 is not used and you cannot just cut out the background with a mouse click. I had to build up a complete setting with GreenScreen to do this… and this solution is not portable at all. So finally there is only the hope that a developer will make this work with the new driver of Win10.

    Best whishes

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