Top 10 at HackerRank in Poland

Hi, I am on top 10 at 10th place of this very nice site. I like that simplicity of this place. It is very nice and clean without advertisements or other unnecessary stuff. I checked only participants from Poland and on that Leaderboard filtered I achieved my goal witch was place in top 10. I am very happy of that. and HackerRank site is in my opinion very nice place to improve coding sills. But, you know, I am not sure how long I will be on top 10th. To check current status you can click on picture below. That is screen from today filtered for Poland only. On global Leaderboard I am at 989th place, but still in top 1000 :P. Only wishes for that site from me is to have widget for blog engine to show current rank in World and in Poland :). But still it is my favorite code puzzle site. Do you like other that kind of places?


P ;).

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