imageHi, I was wondering how many cups or mugs of coffee do you drink everyday? I am mean usually. As many of you already know, the logo of Java language is or was a cup of coffee, so drinking coffee is, in my opinion, strongly related to every software engineer. Also, the first webcam was designed to share video streaming of coffee express, to watch if it is already prepared. For me, coffee is a golden drink, and I love drinking up to 5 mugs daily with 1/3 milk with no sugar. I also heard that in some software companies, people need to pay for every mug or cup when using a coffee machine. And in other places, it is unlimited and free. Also, sometimes companies are very proud of the quality of coffee and even write that in job posts to convince people that there is the best place to work. I am wondering about your opinion about the coffee. Is it for you also mission-critical resource like for me? And if you could decide about the replacement of that at work office. Do you change the coffee for something else with a similar taste? I want only to replace my mug with new and very cool .NET Rocks! Mug :). But maybe one day I will get one as a huge fan of their web podcasts. Cheers!

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    • Good to know :). In Wikipedia I found in subject about WebCam that “First developed in 1991, a webcam was pointed at the Trojan Room coffee pot in the Cambridge University Computer Science Department.” 🙂

  1. As kk said, java is a name for coffee beans.
    I usually drink 2 -- 3 mugs of coffee. During my work as a programer I’ve reached optimal schedule for drinking coffee. I drink first mug at 9.30am, second at 2pm and then third one, if needed, at about 5 pm. And YES coffee is essential resource in software production process 😉

    • Once I found sentence designed for T-Shirts “Developer is someone who turns Coffee and Pizza into Software” :).

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