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Hi, I want to today share with you last stats of my blog. I am happy about the results. And it looks like I have many new readers, and I am thrilled about that. Especially my blog has nice visits per day on average this month, around 120 per day.

Views Stats – Last 30 Days


Shares Stats – Downloads Counters

image But you know the thing I am happy most is that I have visitors from around the globe. From many countries. And that was my personal goal when I was starting my blogging adventure.

One of the most difficult thing was and still is English grammar. I am learning English every week with the teacher. I use it every day at work, but still, it is a place for improvement.

Also I have small numbers of comments and I am wondering why is that. And can I do something about that? Because a lot of comments mean a lot of understanding. Good idea I think was use file download counters that shows that even with less number of comments I have many downloads of my shared ideas.

Views Stats per Country – Last 30 Days – Top 22


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