Happy Holidays at The End of 2014

image Hi, as you know year 2014 is almost going to end. This year for me was full of innovations. I made new version of KinectCam for Kinect for Windows V2 and later I made some performance improvements with frame generation algorithm to make it really fast. I made break trough testing tool TSQLTester that was chosen at my work to testing performance with full regression of our database code. And I even made a lot of new features to this great tool, for example test run statistics with measurement of CPU, duration, reads, writes and physical reads on server site option to use 2 database servers with databases with different product versions and very nice logging to CSV files and standard text log file as well. I decided to not share this work with improvements, but I am sure that you all could use project I shared and add more improvements if you want by yourself.. And I have to say that it saves a lot of time with my performance optimization work. Thanks to TSQLTester I become SQL Ninja and I solve many non-functional requirements with product I developed on daily basis.

I made also 2 nice innovations that are waiting for real usages. I am thinking about both SimpleServiceBus and SimpleDatabaseBroker solutions that both use very nice abstraction for communication. I am very proud of SimpleServiceBus because I have in my mind this nice abstraction for years and at least I was able to implement this idea for all In-Proc, In-Host and In-Net communications with great performance. When I worked on SimpleDatabaseBroker I improved SimpleServiceBus for usage of Apache.Thrift and Protobuf libraries for performance improvement. Unfortunately Protobuf sometimes fail and on production it has to be replaced by built-in .NET Framework BinaryFormatter class. However solution itself is great and very easy to understand by any client code and even junior developers are able to use it without any misunderstanding. Also I am happy of the constant number of threads and very effective data model for communication. And my favorite feature is that SimpleServiceBus works in a Push way and it is ready for built high available and high performance services. And I shared whole source code of that solutions, so anyone can add security or failover solutions to it.

I also build my DreamPC for gaming on even very modern games. That is example of very nice fruit of my hard work. I want that kind of PC for years. Now we have Holidays time so, I and my guests are able to play in Fifa 15, The Crew, Far Cry 4 or DmC Devil May Cry. I am sitting right now near to Christmas Tree and I am listing music. All home smells nice. Everyone do something and I want to finish this year with last entry on my blog. I have to say that it was difficult year for my family. We lost someone very important for our family and after few months my beloved daughter was born. At work I build new tools and solution for improving quality of our product in smart way. So I have opportunity to be both creative and result oriented. So because of that, I work hard but I am proud of the results of my work and all innovations I plant.

I want to wish all of my family, friend, and this blog reader all the best, a lot of good health, wishes that always come true, Happy Holiday with your family and friends, a lot of patients and good energy in all-new 2015. Please do not drop your dreams, keep going develop your career whatever you do at work or run your own business. Also please look forward with smile on your faces. I need to say, be patient and fruits of your work will come to you all. Never lose your faith.

p ;).

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  1. Happy new year and merry Christmas, i love your article i have been a regular reader here since you started building that monstrous gaming pc, hope you’re having fun playing games on it.

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