Happy Holidays at The End of 2014

image Hi, as you know year 2014 is almost going to end. This year for me, was full of innovations. I made a new version of KinectCam for Kinect for Windows V2 and later, I made some performance improvements with the frame generation algorithm to make it really fast. I made a breakthrough with the testing tool TSQLTester that was chosen at my work to testing performance with full regression of our database code. And I even made a lot of new features to this great tool, for example, test runs statistics with measurement of CPU, duration, reads, writes, and physical reads on server site option to use 2 database servers with databases with different product versions and very nice logging to CSV files and standard text log file as well. I decided to not share this work with improvements, but I am sure you could all use the project I shared and add more improvements if you want by yourself… And I have to say that it saves a lot of time with my performance optimization work. Thanks to TSQLTester I became SQL Ninja, and I solve many non-functional requirements with products I developed daily.

I made also 2 nice innovations that are waiting for real usages. I am thinking about both SimpleServiceBus and SimpleDatabaseBroker solutions that both use very nice abstraction for communication. I am very proud of SimpleServiceBus because I have in my mind this nice abstraction for years, and at least I was able to implement this idea for all In-Proc, In-Host, and In-Net communications with great performance. When I worked on SimpleDatabaseBroker I improved SimpleServiceBus for usage of Apache.Thrift and Protobuf libraries for performance improvement. Unfortunately Protobuf sometimes fail and on production it has to be replaced by built-in .NET Framework BinaryFormatter class. However, the solution is great and easy to understand by any client code; even junior developers can use it without misunderstanding. Also, I am happy with the endless number of threads and the very effective data model for communication. And my favorite feature is that SimpleServiceBus works in a Push way, and it is ready for built high available and high-performance services. And I shared the complete source code of that solutions, so anyone can add security or failover solutions to them.

I also build my DreamPC for gaming on even very modern games. That is an example of the very nice fruit of my hard work. I have wanted that kind of PC for years. We have holidays, so my guests and I can play in Fifa 15, The Crew, Far Cry 4, or DmC Devil May Cry. I am sitting right now near Christmas Tree and listening to music. All home smells nice. Everyone does something, and I want to finish this year with the last entry on my blog. I have to say that it was a difficult year for my family. We lost someone significant to our family, and my beloved daughter was born after a few months. At work, I build new tools and solutions for smartly improving our product’s quality. So I have the opportunity to be both creative and result-oriented. So because of that, I work hard, but I am proud of the results of my work and all innovations I plant.

I want to wish all of my family, friend, and this blog reader all the best, a lot of good health, wishes that always come true, Happy Holiday with your family and friends, a lot of patients and good energy in all-new 2015. Please do not drop your dreams. Keep going, develop your career, whatever you do at work, or run your own business. Also, please look forward to a smile on your face. I need to say, be patient, and the fruits of your work will come to you all. Never lose your faith.

p ;).

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  1. Happy new year and merry Christmas, i love your article i have been a regular reader here since you started building that monstrous gaming pc, hope you’re having fun playing games on it.

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