PWM Controller

Hi, from some time I designed my own hardware. It is simple PWM Controller for PC fans. My PC motherboard has 4 pins PWM connectors and I want to control speed of fans including stop of them all. To build semi-passive PC that is completely silent when I am watching TV. I found this idea on Tech Power Up site. So idea is not mine, but implementation and design of the solution is. I am in the middle of making this prototype working. I started with order designed be my PCB board and I have all equipment to make this piece of analog hardware.


My first several tries of making PCB board failed so I found on the Internet Fabryka PCB web site of producer of PCB boards, with option to order professionally made PCB boards for prototyping. And I have it. And in near future I will bring my idea to live ;).


I designed my board to have 4-pin connector inputs from motherboard and 3 pin connector outputs for fans. In the middle there are places for TIP NPN transistors and 10k Ohm resistors. And on the front panel will be place for 10k Ohm potentiometers for manually tuning of the fans. and that solution is for 5 fans regulation. I order also cover that fit exactly 5.25’’ place in my PC case to have this PWM controller.

There is one more thing. I find out that I can one time put potentiometers to correct values and scale my hardware to completely stop my PC fans when PC will be in IDLE. In other words not using CPU and GPUs almost at all. And that is unique value of my idea. It is not only PWM Controller it is Semi-Passive add-on for my Dream PC. If you have question and/or like this idea feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

p ;).

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