How to Defeat the Life to Win

“Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.”

Hi, I would like to tell you something about the life and about the chess game at the same time. From the very beginning you work hard, but the life blocks you, no matter what you do. You grow up and learn from mistakes. You get the lessons. And you see that you are in the same point all the time. You see that everything you do only consumes your time.

In chess: 1.d2-d4 Nb8-c6 2.Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6 3.Bc1-g5 d7-d5 4.Nb1-c3 Bc8-g4 5.Bg5xf6 Bg4-f5.


There is always the way to change something. Sometimes you have to work harder. Sometimes you have to learn to sharpen the saw. In moment the life blocks you, you have to be smarter. But if you try to get what you worth the life beats you and puts you down to your knees if you let it. It is impossible to live and not take the hits. You have to loose something, sometimes the person, sometimes the home, sometimes the health.

In chess: 6.Bf6-e5 Nc6xe5 7.d4xe5 e7-e6 8.e2-e4 d5xe4.


You move forward and you try to never loose your faith. When you have it… you understand that the life cannot beats you all the time. In the short moment there will be a chance to you for the happiness. That the faith is about. Sometimes you have to decide that you loose the battle and loose something not by the accident. In that moment be wise and choose the best what you can offer to loose. If you do not know what, offer your time. All time you have for a very good life. But be sure the life will beat you when you let it. You can suffer in other words.

In chess: 9.Nc3xe4 Bf5xe4 10.Nf3-g5 you decided to get Qd8xg5 from the life to beat you hard!!!


And that often happen. The only thing that left for you is the hope. The hope that things have to change in a good way. You realize that you invested a lot of time, you were good, you helped even opponents who cheated you. Is it possible that you will loose at the end with the life? Just look on the big picture. Have not you see what just happen? With that hope you cannot loose. So, you pray and move the one correct step forward.

In chess: 11.Bf1-b5+ Ke8-e7


Remember that there is the God who is good no matter what. And it is only God’s decision what happen with you at the end. if you offer your life time to the good things at the end the God will make move for you… with love, the queen of all.

In chess: 12.Qd1-d7

[no picture have been ever taken in that place, but I hope you have the idea what is the prize]

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