Birthday Wishes

Hi, I have birthday next week May 4th and I want to make some wishes today. My family wishes is all the best for me, my wife Agnieszka and our daughter Paulina, a lot a lot of health and happy time together. Wish that already come truth is live in home were everyone feels happy. But I want to keep it, to make sure all my family members feel good. So, whish number 1 is happy family.


About friends I wish they visit me and play with me on my NextGen Dream PC and in Chess from time to time. I bought recently nice wooden chess. Only missing is opponent ready to play ;). Chess game I bought is very nice and beautiful made. I wish to have a chance every week play and drink tea or coffee together with friends. So, whish number 2 is play with friends.


My career wish was to become Software Architect and I made that wish about 10 years ago. Right now, I do not think it is relevant anymore. Now I want to be Software Performance Architect. I do not know about such job positions anywhere, but this is my specialization and I really want to get such job position or promotion in near future, but I do not know how. So, wish number 3 is become Software Performance Architect.


p ;).

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