DiRT Rally

Hi, today I want to share with you our family first experience with early access to the DiRT Rally computer game from British Codemasters game studio. I have to say that I really like this game. And we tested it today with my daughter Paulinka. And she really enjoyed it too. On our NextGen Dream PC game is working fine on Ultra graphics details level. Also to play we are using Logitech G27 Wheel.


The game itself is very difficult. To play championships you have 50 000 credits of virtual money for start and buy a car and most expensive car costs if I correctly remember 360 000 of credits. And from few first races we found out that we were not able to finish any race on better than 5th finish position. So it is not too easy. Also when your car fall from edge in mountain you simple loose a little portion of money and your car is retired. That means also that you loose the race and you cannot continue it. Also I checked that we are mostly about 1 minute slower than opponent on first position.


As amateurs computer rally driver, we have to say that we are not sure if it will be possible get any virtual money with our beginner skills. And what happen if we loose all our virtual credits? We want to share with you at the end video recorded today on morning. We have only one wish to producers of this great game. Please add auto brake option for beginners like we are and allow play with my daughter to have fun together :), to have the same level of fun as we have in DiRT 3. Anyway for me it is 10-/10 points, with little ‘-‘ for not existing auto brake option and/or beginner profile. Anyway we are sure that DiRT Rally is candidate for game of the year 2015 in our opinion. Thanks Codemasters!

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