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Hi, today I started my new hobby, a MTB bike riding. It is old hobby for me because when I was young I ride on the MTB bike in every possible moment. I love that sport, but later during studies, career, I forgot how much fun I got from that sport. Many friends used to told me that I should start do some sport excises, later doctors started, later I felt I need that, but I had so much expenses that I could not make that dream come truth. Or maybe I was simply too lazy to change my life. I spend in front of computer many hours every day and I decided today that I need to rebuild my condition and lose some fat. So I went to bike shop to buy a bike and have a chance to go back to the best sport I ever try, MTB bike riding. Today I ride about 10 km only, but I know that important is to ride often not longer at the beginning. Later I can ride longer, and I can told you that place I live is surrounded by many places nice to ride on bike. So wish me luck with new hobby! :). Again it is not technical post on my blog, but I hope you like it. Can you share with me info how to use the phone with iOS and somehow measure riding progress, or use some AI trainer advises. Of course if you like. Thanks!


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