Fritz 14

Hi, today I want to share with you production that came from best chess game program I know. Fritz 14 is the game program, and the producer of it is ChessBase. I tried many times to win with Fritz 10,11,12,13, and 14. I won once with Fritz 11, but I think I was indifferent thinking level or something. Anyway, I really like this game, and now Fritz 14 and Deep Fritz 14 DLC on Steam is -50% discounted, so if you like you can buy it and enjoy the king’s game from time to time. The chess program itself, Fritz 14, is amazing. I think it can not only beat you with very advanced multiprocessor algorithms, but also you can study chess games to the, I think, Elo 3150, so it is good for the chess game. I like that the ChessBase producer shared a very nice live game iframe link, and you can watch live games on that iframe. And I even consider putting that link for a live game on the right panel of my blog as a souvenir found on the Internet. Below is a nice version of watching the games on a bigger screen. I think it is very nice to watch live matches if you like chess like me. This is ChessBase Live, Enjoy!

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