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Abe Hi, today I would like to write few sentences about new and old game in the same time. It is Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and it is a remake of the game from 1997 I really loved. It is ground-up game kind with very nice hero of the adventure – Abe. Abe is a Mudokon and he is a floor waxier in Oddworld in The Rapture Farm, the biggest meat factory on Oddworld. Abe once stayed late at work and He accidentally saw what the new product of the factory will be? Factory boos decided to introduce – New ‘n’ Tasty – meals from Mudokons. Abe was scared and start go away from the factory. But He also knew that He need to help His spices friends to go out too and rescue them all. He used His smart and start go away adventure from the factory… That is the begin of the story. And the fun of the game could be only I think understand by people who play with Abe in 1997 :). Some dinosaurs like me and other fans of this amazing remake. When I saw it on YouTube accidentally I decided to buy this game. I started to play and all old good feelings come back to me. I remember times with one of my neighbour Krzysiek, when He bought a PC computer and that was our first game. We play together, we switched keyboard between game parts. And the adventure were awesome. That was the time when in Poland all computer software was illegal because there was no even software distributors companies. I do not know where this game came from for us. But we played it a lot. Now I was very happy to buy it legally on Steam. If you like it please watch the E3 2014 introduction of the game. Enjoy!

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