Thank You for Playing

Hi, today I would like to share with you my experience with this titled initiatives from few amazing people. They made the documentary movie about Polish magazines from ‘90 of XX century. Magazines about computer games. It is amazing movie, conversations with people brave enough to made magazines without knowledge how to made them. And that magazines were very popular that time, you know. I loved the Secret Service that was one of them and I felt really disappointed when last failure re-activation of this magazine in this year. The iconic brand was changed to the Pixel. The whole story is very sad to me. I was very happy to receive reactivated Secret Service… and even when I got chance to get my money spent for for re-activation of Secret Service and get few Pixel magazines for free I said NO! And they can keep my money… It is true because I never got back anything for that money I used to support re-activation. Of course that it is only my opinion about that reactivation. Re-Activated Secret Service magazine was amazing to me. I have it and It is as it should be… anyway it is not post about Pixel cheat story it is about Thank You for Playing documentary movie. I had so much great feelings when I watched it. And I really like it. If you are from another country and you are wonder why in Poland is so many computers passion in people who grew up in ‘90, you can buy it. I think they are like me children of the amazing time with no Internet at home and with illegally software market bazaars in Poland that time. It may be interested for you to watch who shared that passion and fun and how? I do not share anything about the content. But I like it and it was amazing to me. So I would you like to Thank You for Making for Luma Films. Enjoy!


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