The Best RTS Warcraft III works again on native Mac OS X

Hi, I have a very good news Today. Warcraft III works again on the Mac OS X fully natively. To play it, you need to download the installer from and install it on your Mac OS X or Windows if you wish. More importantly, it supports network play that was broken when Mac OS X disabled one of their network protocols, a very old one. Unfortunately, I forget the name of it. Looks like Blizzard used a modern one to allow the play of Warcraft III again. This is a big thing; in other words, it means that The Blizzard Game Studio made at least a patch for games introduced in 2002!. So, Today I installed my favorite game of all again. As you know, I planned not to blog anymore. Because for… many reasons, mostly personal. But this great news needs to be spread. I cannot stop myself from doing it. So, let’s play begin :). There is one more thing, Diablo II with Expansion Set works too and was also refreshed with a new patch :).


Big Thanks to Blizzard! Enjoy!

p ;).

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