Code Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall

Hi, today I have very nice code puzzle for you. Code Puzzle is to implement two blue boxes in following diagram. That can be implemented in Java and/or C# with following requirements. The only system that can receive connections is behind green box that is a open server endpoint. The system behind red box is closed and you cannot connect to it. I have very special prize for the best, clean and easiest solution of this code puzzle. The prize is “Prize: Code Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall” titled 200×200 pixel link image that I put below my clock on this blog. It can be anything, advertisement, invitation to your blog, your linked-in profile link, conference logo you want to promote etc. With only one condition that it cannot be nothing offensive on this image. The expected solution is only two blue boxed classes from diagram covered with unit/integration tests by any test library or console applications if you like and that needs to communicate in the way from the diagram. The end of time I am waiting for this solution is the end of January 2017.


Happy Coding!

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  1. Wow amazing riddle! I am not an expert in coding and have just started my learning. To learn programming, solving puzzles are really a good strategy(read somewhere) which is why I am here and looking forward for a solution for this. so will you please let me know from where I can get the solution for this?

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