Settlers IV PL on MacBook Pro 13 with Retina

Hi, today I would like to show you a solution to run an ancient but very nice game, a strategy game good for even small kids to play tougher. If you are wondering how to make it let me know in the comments below? ;-). I made it with CrossOver, Hex Flend, and Original Installation Settlers IV PL Gold Edition CD ;-). The secret souse is the GfxEngine.dll modification to the 1680×1050 16:10 resolution ;-).

Here you have GfxEngine.dll 1680×1050 16:10 (509 downloads). Thanks for reading and Enjoy this old classic game on the best computer you can buy!

p ;).

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  1. UPDATE: This fully works only on the Crossover-16.2.5 version, I was tested on other updated versions including Crossover-17.5.0, but there are graphics issues impossible to fix. Thanks!

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