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Hi, time and life is going forward unpredictable… some people make great careers and have very good visibility, some presenting knowledge on conferences, some making videos, trainings and even receive great awards. I am trying to exist on the same Internet world to share and give back… I was never honored by any public award and my name is not even on Polish bloggers list about software, but you know what? I am not really care about this… When I started blogging journey I have only one goal to share my passion with people like me and to learn English. As a dyslectic person writing in the William Shakespeare language was and is not trivial to me. But I had my goal, to not become famous in Poland but have a chance to be read by people form entire world. So far I made few very nice solution people are love and are very happy because of that I share them. Yes I know that I am only stupid dreamer who still believes that someday someone sees 50 000 downloads of Kinect Cam or Db Tester and give me for example MVP, because of promotion of the .NET / C# or T-SQL expertise and knowledge, but life is not the place with sun shines and rainbows, it is hard fighter who bit me few times to my knees and want to put me there if I let it. But let me back to the subject, who reads this… sugar?


And this post is not about me and my frustrations, it is not about be on cover of the Neewsweek, It is about you my dear readers who somehow without any promotion, support or sponsorships reads my blog, I am afraid that some of my ideas are not understand correctly, some like Simple Service Bus or Db Tester needs some more time to understand and some other has go into level that is high, please remember that I am not writing about “how to earn more?”, “how to develop career?” or “how to make money?”. If I do so probably I would be very rich :-), but I am not, I am still “hard work person” with “students English”, who love say stories instead of answer short to the questions. Anyway please look on the above map… thank you for that for all visits and comments, every like and share, this map of visitors from around the world keep me going and make this blog dream come truth.


So the map is nice, but do you know that people from 184 countries visited my blog in the last 3 years? Above I put top 16 countries visits. So maybe someday I will receive MVP on C# or T-SQL or .NET or Kinect… or maybe even something amazing will happen and I receive .NET Rocks! Mug? :-), not for comments but for promotion of the great Carl and Richard work… who knows? Recently I have a lot of problems with my site and with even very strong protections and strong security site sometimes go down and my hosting provider, Polish company named Web!0 said to me… oh you know your site consumes too much CPU, but as a customer of this hosting solution, to be honest? Why I should care? If my site goes down sometimes more than 20 times in the month? If you are not able to provide good and secure hosting maybe I should go somewhere else? And NO, I do not post banner of the hosting company on my blog, if they are not able to provide good hosting service for this… sugar, I do not want to promote them… or maybe I should put anti-ad :D… so anyway if you are not able to see something here you can send your thanks to Web!0 :-).


What you are reading and look for mostly is above, what can I say? Only few posts even with “students English” took your attention. But I am hope that the best of the best post still is in the queue. Thanks for reading this… sugar. I am really happy to have readers even on the amazing hosting I have got :P. Of course there is no company Web!0 this is only cryptogram I created the real name and shame of the hosting services quality stay protected. Maybe one day I receive email “we have offer to you, with better hosting, with better CPU for only $$, because you are with us since 2010”? ;-).

p ;).

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