eGPU for MacBook Pro 13

Hi, today I would like to share with you my recent idea to improve the GPU of my MacBook Pro with an external GPU on the Thunderbold 3 connection. I invest into Akitio Thunder3 PCIe Box. Not because it is the best and the fastest solution, but because it looks nice and small. I know that for developers, Apple sells for $599 eGPU based on Sonet company case, but it looks for me… or maybe let me put that this way, I do not like it; my expectation is that soon, some serious company will make eGPU very small like my external hard drive that you can see on the front below. Akitio Thunder3 PCIe Box is just after it, it is mall elegant and a bit too noisy. But it looks nice enough to be part of my “home workplace” :-).


Also I put my phone on the case and you can see that the eGPU is small and looking good. But what is inside? I decided to buy ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mini. I choose this product because it consumes only 75W of energy, and the standard power supply for Akito works well enough. And what does it mean to be good enough? On Boot Camp Windows 10 in Overwatch, I have over 60 FPS on a 1680 x 1050 screen resolution with High graphic settings preset. So for me, it is good enough. macOS Sierra does not support the “inside screen” acceleration on the computer… what can I say? I do not have a place and need an external monitor. And Apple again disappointed me that only on High Sierra and for AMD cards do they plan to support eGPU… but again, only on the external monitor. I wonder what Steve Jobs would make with the eGPU subject… probably He, with Jony Ive, and the great team they have got, would prepare the best in class eGPU with the size of Apple TV ;-). But this question cannot be answered anymore.


But overall I am very happy to build or connect elements I could buy and play from time to time some game on Boot Camp Windows 10 without any issue. It detects everything automatically. I could install the driver and the Overwatch game,e, and everything just worked fine without any issue on my “inside screen” computer. Why is macOS behind with this capability? Maybe something will be made by Apple soon? I found that it is possible to use HDMI or DVI Ghost Adapter, but what can I say… really? Why, on Windows 10, everything works, and on macOS, do I need a ghost adapter? It is the same hardware, so dear Apple, please make software and your macOS that works ;-).


p ;).

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