Review Roard

Hi, I will use 3 thousand words on 3 draws today. What can I say? can you tell me what you folks think about those ideas by 2 authors? About 1 or maybe 2 subjects… Are you get the point? The answers are below this text…


Piotr Winking smile.



Paulinka Winking smile.

p ;).

One Reply to “Review Roard”

  1. “On Review Road you can get Suns or Clouds as effect of the board Answers or Questions”.
    I found that when I made Architecture, Design and/or Code review I gave many Answers because of the experience I have got that made smiles (Suns). But sometimes even quite often on reviews people got opposite a lot of Questions from the board and that produces rework, step-back and sometimes even starting over all of their work that made sad on their faces (Clouds)…

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