IoT Platform PoC

Hi, I am starting a new coding adventure that probably takes me a few weekends. It will be IoT Platform PoC based on Multi Service Bus Core 2.0. I have only one Raspberry Pi 3, and for PoC, I plan to use a small sensor, maybe for the temperature in our home. I do not have a sensor that can use MQTT, but I really want, so if you can borrow one from me, please contact me. I would be delighted to use it. Or maybe you can advise some sensors to buy. If so, please leave a comment down below. Below you can see the high-level architecture of this PoC idea.

IoT Platform Idea

UPDATE (Sep-24), here it is… it takes data from RPi3… every 5 minutes and updates the chart… so it works! ;-).

I have also got a few more metrics below to give you a chance to see how efficiently the solution works using Azure Cloud and RPi3.

Azure Cloud Service Metrics – less than 4% CPU


Azure Cloud Storage Metrics – no storage in use


Azure SQL DataBase Metrics – less than 0.3 DTU


Raspberry Pi 3 .NET Core 2.0 Process – 0% CPU


Thanks for reading,
p ;).

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