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I was never try to give a motivation a speech and probably I will never do publicly. But after great people like Steve, Oprah, Joan, Bill who had given a speech to postgraduate of Stanford and Harvard I want to try to write my own three stories of my life, no big deal just three stories. I know I am not a category of persons I seen and I try to follow, famous and rich, but I think I can share my motivation speech today starting from the very beginning.

The Big Lost

I was born in Krakow, and that was a start of my life. My mom deliver me at 3:20 AM May 4th. She was daughter of farmers the same as my father, but He was really smart, he interested many things and wear many hats, electronics, electrics, carpenter, but the most he love to be a farmer like his father. He was truly amazing man to many people. When I was one and half year old my father died in 32 after the accident when completely drunk government representative crush him on motorbike by a car. My father was injured and drunken driver escape from the accident place. After few days in hospital my dad was out from hospital to make sure accident will be clarified as not worth to the investigation it was not by accident, that time in Poland government representatives were under the law, and after few days my father return back to hospital but with different classification of the health problem to make sure drunken driver will never be taken to responsibility of what he did. After about a month my father died because of that accident and I lost the only one person on the world who could teach me true faith. I remember that many years later on the one work place when I want to quit because too much work and stress and overall overwhelm, and I asked from bigger salary, president of the company told me that nobody is irreplaceable, he wrote even on the email to me the following sentence “cemeteries of this world are fully of irreplaceable people”, I think he was right, after many years later I realised that he got the point and nobody will ever replace my father, so I stop to find a father faith in anyone else to learn from his or her… my mom never found anyone who was even close to her heart as my father was and looking back I think that was very difficult to her and she will never become calm after that big lost, there was a big thing that make my life really hard, I know what does mean be hungry, and I understand what poverty means, I found very early that if I give up and if I do not work hard and smart on the talents I have I will never take myself from the village I grow up, when there were only two entertainments TV and Vodka that ruins many people and families life. Looking back to the connected dots I think that very young idea and dream to get out from village influence my whole life. And that is the reason I work so hard to my own family and to have a truly a home I had never had, so I build it from scratch.

The Passion of my Life

I was lucky, I found what I love when I was 7 years old boy in the elementary school I answered to my teacher question, who you want to become when you grow up? I said, programmer, but that time I do not really know what programmer means. After few years I got my first PC computer, and very good friend of mine Krzysztof who left near me got a high school coding challenge wrote in Pascal the first program, so we did that together and I got from him Pascal 7.0 compiler, it was amazing, that time I used to read few PC magazines and inside one I found code that in Pascal 7.0 by using Assembler allows creating “programmatically” fire using VGA, the video graphics adapter… I remember we spent very long evening by rewriting from magazine to his PC computer line by line whole program, it was amazing when we finished… that simple coding experience teach me that there is almost everything possible to write as a computer program, that there are very smart industry beginning in Poland and it is software industry… I had from that very beginning time in 1996 that this will be game-changing for my life, I understand that with PC I can achieve a world-class expert level in software, it becomes to be very clear that this small device can turn me in passion and it will be my pass to the better future. It was, looking back I spent a lot of time in coding, then I finished high school, finished technical university and all that place I used coding skills to get better grades, I choose master thesis subject about neural network and after 11 years of work in software industry I had a proposition to become the Application Solution Architect, and my dreams from very beginning come truth. Like the Steve said I can now connect the dots looking back, that it was very smart decision to work hard last 20 years, do not drop it, obtain all necessary education levels and certificates and today wrote on my nice MacBook Pro those three stories, but I think all was about a risk I took and that I am taking from many years.

The Career Risk

As you can see from first two stories I was in very difficult material situation, but something inside me, I think vision and intuition pushed me to take a more and more risk, sometimes it was too much and I could not handled. You probably are interesting what is the career risk story. When I started my career I work really hard, too hard and I do not recommended to anyone work 14 hours per day per 7 days a week, like I did, after about 2 years I changed job I move to my Grandma home and starting working from home in the home office mode like people called it right now, that times it was simply working from home, but after about 2 years I could not see any value of that work, no development chance, no career opportunities, I spent 8 hours a day work hard remotely but with lack of people to people conversation, my wife that time broken a leg and we were together, I was in the early stage of my career so I did not earn too much money and with very limited savings I made decision to move to Krakow where I was born, because I figured out that will be better place to develop my career. Looking back that was the best decision I could ever make, I started to participate to Krakow .NET Users Group, I found job in Telecommunication company, one of the best work in our country for software engineers, I was surrounded by many engineers, I got many successes here and this big risk we took with my wife changed everything. I want to end up with the quote that influenced me years ago when I looked into code wrote by the smartest C# engineers in the country, I have ever met, that coding skills blowed mine mind, in coding it took me about 10 years to simple and beauty code to write, in the art that coding really truth is the quote given by Leonardo Da Vinci, that can be truth only if you work hard and risk a lot… then you understand that “simplicity is ultimate sophistication”, so make things and code simple.

There is one more thing… the thing that really motivates me is passion to do new things, and I like to feel and act as amateur in Latin “passionate”, it is clear to me that it is the really truly quote about that from the last The Whole Earth Catalog and I want to end up really with modified quote that Steve reminded in his speech at the end… “Be Amateur, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish…”

Thank you for reading,

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