Car See by DarkNet CNN on MacBookPro 13 with Sonnet eGFX 580


Hi, today I would like to share with you truly amazing solution. It was originally presented on TED Talks about DarkNet by Joseph Redmon. Once I saw it I was wonder how to play with this solution on my MacBook Pro 13 that as you may know has not GPU I am mean it has but not very strong. But that was improved once I bought Sonnet eGFX 580 Puck… the funny thing is that they called 570 but OpenCL detecting it as 580 and it is natively supported by latest macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, so I spent some time and with CLion from Jet-Brains I have I made many modifications, first I found that someone very smart made version of DarkNet with OpenCL, but I was wonder can I take latest version of DarkNet from GitHub and made the same changes to have latest code but with OpenCL support without CUDA at all, so I did that by almost whole weekend. Later I found also way to path DarkNet with OpenCL to make it works on the latest macOS natively. And As you probably expect the goals were achieved both. Here you can see how it works on the AMD card on the below YT movie. Thanks for reading… I feel almost like C low level developer after that last week, the results are amazing in my opinion. Also I want to thank one of my good friend who has camera in his car and share with me one recorded movie to this blog post. Thanks for reading, below you can find whole solution in a nutshells as well as whole source code in C with my patches… There is one more thing, source code are with .git folders that I cloned Today, so with good editor you can see all my changes… Enjoy!



/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”
brew install opencv
brew install clblas
brew install clfft
brew install clrng
brew install cmake
brew install wget

LINKs PATHED (312 downloads) ;-). PATHED (339 downloads)


rm -r build; mkdir build; cmake -Bbuild -H.; cmake –build build; cp build/darknet .
.darknet detect cfg/yolo.cfg ../weights/yolo.weights [picture/movie]
./darknet detector test cfg/ cfg/yolo9000.cfg ../weights/yolo9000.weights [picture/movie]
./darknet detector demo cfg/ cfg/yolo.cfg ../weights/yolo.weights [picture/movie] -thresh 0.25
./darknet detector demo cfg/ cfg/tiny-yolo-voc.cfg ../weights/tiny-yolo-voc.weights [picture/movie] -thresh 0.05


p ;).

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