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Hi, today again I advise my good friend what to do with his career journey. Again, and it seems to me that I am becoming more and more the Coach and the Mentor to people than just software creator and technical expert. I want to write about the career advisor role I sometimes got to some of my friends. The thing is that when I was at the beginning of my career I was looking for the inspirations. I was talking to many people about it. What to do to mean something in the software industry, in the IT field, in companies I was working for? That all questions in my mind helped me a lot. All that conversations improved my focus and helped me to turn dreams into a vision and turns actions into the results. So, what I am asking constantly by my friends and sometimes also some professionals who are looking for good bits of advice? Before I will explain this I want to start with the propose of questions. Many people look at the software engineering field as a easy money. In fact, programmers can earn quite good salaries. But is the money a good motivation to become a coder? In short no! The thing is that if you want to make a lot of money and want to be happy with your salary and you focus only on that, you can very quickly and quite easy be demotivated. You cannot increase your salary infinitely, am I right? I remember each time my salary grow up. But you can very quickly get used to that. And your motivation will dramatically slow down. So, the real question is why you want to be the best software expert? To be rich? To be famous? To have many followers on the social media? Again, no! It does not get you there. In fact, you can always find someone who is smarter than you. Who can learn new things quicker and at last bit you in the recruitment process to the most exciting job you dream about.

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To become the best expert in your field you should love what you do every day. People said that I have a lot of passion for what I am doing and it is totally the truth. But the only things that keep me. going is that I love what I do. So, what I am very often advice to people is forgot about the money motivation, that not move you a there an even single step further. Now, let me go back to the subject. The career advice to become an expert in the software industry. How to achieve that? The honest answer is that I am not sure because I am all the time feel like an amateur, even with the expertise I have. The more I learn I see much more I do not know. However, there is one thing that allows me to keep doing what I like. I do not care about opinions about myself by others. The specifics of our country citizens is that we are very jealous people. That is clear to me at the very young age I was. So the best advice to me was one I obtain during the conversation with one good friend some time ago. Do not care about other people opinions. Keep doing what you love. Because in our country the big sickness is jealous and it protects you against it. I know the only small group of people who are truly friends and like what I do. Even those who do not understand all the technical aspects of my work I from time to time present here publicly. But if that not makes you a self-centric person? A bit, to be honest, but the good emotional barrier is not a bad thing at all. The last thing is that every journey is starting from the first step. Every good software becoming with the first empty editor page or a template. So if you really want to write code. Open the favorite IDE, and write a code, line by line, class by class, until you finish. And for a God sake forgot about stupid motivation that comes from money and other people.

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Now I want to write something about most crucial an important skill that every employer wants. Is not the technical expertise, it is not any hard and soft skill you can find in the job posts. There really important one is the problem-solving skills. Software Industry has many of them, some are small some other very critical and all have to be solved, if you are good in problem-solving you probably can be hired by most of the companies of the planet. But how to develop this one you probably wonder. I think the most important is a lot of experience with people and communication. The right communication is to say to people not what they want but what they need to improve the work there are involved. And that is the high order bit and that is something that makes you very valuable and smart. There is one more thing, if you really want to be very good in problem-solving keep solving most difficult problems at your work, focus on them and the valuable skill came to you. I remember 2 years I was working on the team that only troubleshoot the customers’ issues and that gives me a good background. The last important thing is that problems very often need to be solved best you can not the best in the world and that shows your value in the team and company. So if you avoid difficult issues in your product you probably do not go very far, but if you not the great future come to you.

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