DarkNet in OpenCL on Asus Tinker Board S

Hi, today I would like to share the setup of DarkNet in OpenCL that works fine on Asus Tinker Board S. Here is the setup.

mkdir github
cd github
git clone https://github.com/krrishnarraj/libopencl-stub
cd libopencl-stub
sudo cp -r include/* /usr/include
sudo cp libOpenCL.a /usr/lib
cd ..
git clone https://github.com/sowson/darknet.git
cd darknet
# change in Makefile OPENCV=0 and ARM=1

As an example let me show to you Yolo3-Tiny computation

And here it is the predictions.png shown below

p ;).

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  1. Thank you for porting darknet to OpenCL and to Tinkerboard.
    I am wondering why OpenCL performance aprox 4 times slower than a CPU(with OpenNP) and with much lower prediction value (57% vs 81% for dog)?

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