Hania PC… well… it needs macOS

Hello, after a recent and very popular post with our, mine and my daughter, about Hania – our new PC – for my Ph.D. work… I would like to tell you a story with a happy end. I dream always of new and beauty Mac Pro, which is in my opinion, well… a dream machine for any researchers especially on AI/ML field. Do not get me wrong… I love Open Source and I really seriously taking any software license… During my MEng level studies, about 15 years ago, I have fallen love with the GNU/Linux. All of my work and my Master Thesis were done on Gentoo Linux, the best of that time in my opinion. And I did everything on the Linux that time… enough will be told that all experiments for my Master Thesis were done during about 8 night hours by the Bash script that leverages many of the open-source components. And I even got approval to use the Nuvola icon set by one of the KDE contributors ;-). I sent an email and got approval and good luck wishes for my Master Thesis work. So, I love Open Source, really, I am taking care of any License… so what about Hania PC and macOS license… well, I think the good God gave us ayes we can close sometimes… So dear Apple, please forgot that… but I install macOS on Hania PC, simply because I have not enough money to but a dream computer from you… and also because I wrote an email to the marketing and sponsoring department of Apple and you do not even respond to help me buy it cheaper. So please forgive me, I tried AMD GPU drivers on the Kubuntu/Ubuntu 18.04.4 and there was beauty experience with games like the Codemasters Dirt4 as an example, but on my research and leveraging the GPU was a disaster. Instead of ~24 FPS, I got 0.08 FPS, so AMD, come on?! Is that your driver for pro-users of your GPUs? Anyway let’s move to the fan part… the spec I want to remind you…

Case: NCase M1 V6.1 Black (Hania)
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming M-ITX (Marta)
Central Processor Unit: Intel Core i9-9900K, 3.6GHz, 16 MB, BOX (Monika)
Central Processor Unit Cooling AIO: Asus ROG Strix LC 240 AiO CPU Cooler with Aura Sync RGB (Oliwia)
Random Access Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz CL16 (Ola i Zosia)
Solid State Drive for OS: Western Digital SSD 2TB SN750 NVMe (Magda)
Graphic Processor Unit: XFX AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 (Renata)
Power Supply: Corsair SF Series SF750 750W 80 PLUS Platinum SFX (Lucja)
Operating System: macOS Catalina
MOST IMPORTANT: WiFi and Blutooth Replacement: BCM94352Z (DW1560)

Now, you may be wonder how to do it? I find at GitHub someone very smart who made OpenCore EFI content for very similar spec, but it was for already working system and with a very detailed description, you may look for it as well, the tip is to look for the Motherboard name including the Hackintosh phrase. But be patient EFI as I mentioned is not for installation, that one based on the OpenCore documentation you have to do on your own. Sorry, I will not provide a solution, because it took me about 2 hours to experimenting over the weekend… and also, you have to play with experimenting if you want to make a similar system… now, how it looks like in Sepia like very early morning lights?


Now you maybe wonder if I really achieve the goal of the fast performing OpenCL? Well, let me answer that OpenCL works perfectly! I achieved for the first time in CIFAR-10 set training the 100% detection of my 5/5 cases tricky images I choose for classification test. It never before happens, and I repeat that several times because any research should repeat to avoid the lucky on first try ;-). But the performance that was really important to me was on the inside car video I made on my own, and to remind you one GNU/Linux it was 0.08 FPS only, so dramatic low, on macOS I got… well look on the image that is worth the thousands of words ;-).


So, 24 FPS!!! on MP4 that was 1080p@60, it means that it is better than using CUDA v10, on the GNU/Linux with the NVidia Titan RTX! Really cool, right? So, what does it mean? If Apple drivers developers ar better than those who work at AMD? Why AMD GPU on macOS is so well optimized? Why on GNU/Linux is good for games, but not for the OpenCL? If Apple forgives me for this little educational experiment? I do not know! You have to answer yourself… ;-). If you have the idea of any answers feel free to add a comment down below ;-). Thanks for reading!


In the end, I would like to hare three more photos! “…simplicity is the pinnacle of the sophistication…”, right?! ;-).




Nice? ;-). Here you have Hania-PC EFIs ;-).

p ;).

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