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Hello, as you probably noticed, I started the young entrepreneur journey a few months ago. My company name is, and many people asked me why I made this move? Especially in this challenging pandemic time? First of all, that was my dream. I have always wanted to write software. To be known as a software creator. And for about 10 years on this blog, I gave many things for free, and truth be told, I will probably continue in some aspect to be open-source passionate and give things publicly for free. However, what do you think about getting, for example, pro versions of some often downloaded projects? I guess spending a relatively small amount of money is fine at this moment. As I develop my skills, I want you to get the best class ideas and products. My first product was announced yesterday. Its name is iDbTester, and I am really excited about this product, not only because I made it but because it was pretty easy. I am eager to learn how to make my own Internet Shop site. Many people my age start their own businesses, but most of that is Consulting, which I want to avoid, and only focus on software products. I am looking for either customer or new product ideas, so please share them with me. This entry is the 201st on this blog, so the first after 200t is time to switch the effort to me and start selling what I figured out… I would like to end with the 10 minutes video… the iDbTester Demo. Enjoy!

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