DreamPC vs HaniaPC

Hi, today I would like to share some recent hardware updates. I put in a HaniaPC the new ASUS AMD Radeon RT 6900 XT and I was wonder how it is performing compared to a Green PC workstation I upgraded in 2019 with 2 x NVidia Titan RTX 24GB VRAM each with NVLink. So are you interested in the test results? I used 3DMark for Microsoft Windows and Geekbench that is multiplatform OpenCL benchmark. So, how good or bad is the brand-new card?

Let me start with 3DMark on 2xTitan RTX with NVLink in HD and 4K.

Look at the 3DMark results on the 1xRadeon RT 6900 XT in HD and 4K.

Nice right? But what about my favorite OpenCL for GPU-computing technology? I invest some time in self-study?

SCORE of 1xTITAN RTX is 133931.
SCORE of 1xRADEON RT 6900 XT is 175394.

What can I say? The results are fantastic. AMD is the best OpenCL result to price GPU for GPU-Computing on the planet now ;-).

In my opinion Apple MacPro is too expensive. Did you know that the highest possible specification of MacPro costs 267.748,00 PLN? And for example, the brand new car Audi A4 Limousine costs starts on 135.000,00 PLN. Do you see the difference? Basically, two new cars for a workstation price? I do not say that Apple should change the price of the MacPro, but if they made the product not from aluminum but from pure gold or platinum, it could be less expensive value…;-/. Sorry to say, but it is sadly true… It is too expensive. It is far too expensive, and I will never invest in such a system with 2 exclusive new cars price…;-/.

For sure, I believe that I should not steal anything, so I plan to not use anymore Apple macOS and remove if from HaniaPC. I am using Ubuntu GNU/Linux and for all those mentioned benchmarks on Microsoft Windows. Truth be told, I think some decisions of the company from Cupertino, CA, US are difficult to understand, and for sure, this company not made the AMD Radeon RT 6900 XT drivers for macOS. Sorry to say, but with such pricing mentioned above for MacPro, Apple probably on-stock has many GPUs to sell, which is why support for AMD 6000 series GPUs waits. So, I will stay with PC, and soon I will improve and port Darknet on OpenCL to the Microsoft Windows. But I hope overall I am wrong! Even if hope is not a strategy! :).

p ;).

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