Stay Fearless, Stay Courage!

Hello, I have just realized I forgot about my blog audience by not making any posts for a while… So I am doing it right now. Please forgive me for a bit of irony sound… I prepared for today’s 3 short illustrated stories.

Truth be told, I often think about life and death, like most people during the pandemic. I think I spent too much money last year to have a chance to play with some computer equipment before. Eventually, COVID-19 makes me, let me put his way, a far away from here. But I focused on the day-by-day work from home. The story behind it is that I change my employer. Why? I do not want to share. Once publicly sharing such things is not too shabby. But I am still in the Coder game ;-).

Home Office

One of the dreams I made, by investment last year, was to invest, again, in solid GPUs. I invest in the latest 6000 series of AMD, but guess what? The macOS and GNU/Linux are the only operating systems I trust. There are no drivers that work. I was disappointed because those GPUs are not cheap, and this lack of drivers made me sad. So the story is that I had to replace them with a good and not cheap Radeon RX 580 ;-).

Radeons 2021

Another thing is this crazy time with Crypto Currency Mining on the GPUs. About 6 months ago, 2 of my excellent friends asked me about a possible investment. I told them both to buy as much BitCoin as possible… And guess what? After Elon Musk BitCoin investment, the price goes up like crazy. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 months. I would say the price is now exciting, and all Miner seems to make a lot of money fast ;-).

BTC-USD 2021

Stay Fearless, Stay Courage!
p ;).

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