There is One More Thing… Q2 2021

Hi, today I realized that I have just passed 12, a sufficient number, the years of blogging. But, of course, it all started in 2009 in the other place in the otter domain. A far, far away from the galaxy… for all developers and high technologies enthusiasts, there is a clear that all development technologies and techniques change every 2 years. That times remind me that 12 years ago, it was unfortunate that I was living a bit too far to participate in conferences in Krakow. So, there was a need to move… but you know that all story, so, no need to explain again. Life can play funny tricks, as you all know, and I was on Google IO, I am going to Apple WWDC21, and I cannot wait to AMD Computex. All one year… all 100% from home… all 100% free ;-).


There is one more thing… I am super happy also because of the one tweet I did recently, and who knows, maybe that was a slight drop in the bowl that convinced the Apple macOS team to support the AMD Navi20 GPU series.

But wait… there is one more thing… many people asked me and wonder how about my limited company, well actions in that area introduce me thanks to Ph.D. academic records to one company that needs help in road monitoring area… and the first task was on anonymization of the front window of the car and car plate… and here is the example, 10 FPS on the Intel i5 CPU ;-).


At the end of this post, I wish all of the Moms on the planet to be happy with their children. And feel safe, comfortable, and healthy because yesterday was a Mom’s day in Poland!

p ;).

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