I am Unicorn: Why? What? Where?

Hi, I am pleased, and I do not have to sit and wait till this feeling goes away ;-). And today I want to tell you that the supper happy is nothing wrong, but you have to answer not only one but the three questions in the order… changing order is prohibited :P. So… why? What? Where? I am the Unicorn? :-).

Why? (the best answer: I need it!)
Why do you do what you do? Work? Yes… why do you produce this or that..? If you need a perfect watch and you can make one, make the best cakes, or make ice cream that everyone likes… by again, why? Because you do it for yourself and your family, which is what you can offer, it does not matter what; if you do it for yourself and your family, you can provide for others. So why is the proposal the root of your motivation tree? It is the place in mind when all goes to start. Answer to why the question is gold!

What? (the best answer: I am good in!)
There are many professionals worldwide and many different needs for products, services, goods, etc. Now, there is only one issue for many people to stop them from being happy… what should they do? What to make? Really, nobody wants to spend a life on a beach with drinks, and many people think there will be happy. People are “design-for” work! Do not believe me? You may say it is easy if someone does not need to work! Have enough money etc. OK, what do you do if you are in the hospital or have a break-a-leg experience? What do you think? About all things you can do when you are healthy again? And if you are passionate about the answer to the above “Why?” question? How to make a new taste of ice cream, a new super-accurate watch, or how to make a tastier chocolate cake? There is nothing better than chocolate cake :-)… but you may try :).

Where? (the best answer: I am here and now!)
Where is tricky because it suggests a place, and it is a place… it is a place of your mind time… so where? Here and now! It makes you realistic? But also be a dreamer. I know the CEO of a vast, robust, on-the-market house developer/builder. He starts with only the beton/concrete machine and a head full of dreams with his friends! Now his revenue is in millions… so the way begins with a first step. Do not wait; where your journey ends? The only GOD decides… not you! 😛 But only you can take all the journey experience and enjoyment! So, go! Do! Best!


But remember: Unicorn Ballon has a twine to stay! Never cut the cord! Not blow by the sky limit! :D. All the best witches of all kinds! Today is a children’s day, so stay healthy, be happy, and play all day until you are 100 years old!

p ;).

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