There is one more thing on this Fall

Hello, not sure, but I would be really impressed if tomorrow Apple would introduce something completely new. Last month, the first Fall event was proper, poolish, good, well done, but not amazing. True be told, when the Apple Wizards Engineering team is making something new, the level of expectations is very high, in my opinion. I understand that A-class players made great products. A decade ago, Apple lost Steve Jobs’s visionary, but He left Apple in the best possible hands of Tim Cook, and the company beats records of profits as the most successful company in the world. Also the brand their build makes the “fruits company” very well participate to the all donations for charity shows that the vision of the current CEO is much more brother than just make profits.

Now on one of the well-known social media boards, someone wrote that if tomorrow no new MacBook Pro will be announced He will switch to the Android-based solutions ;-). Customers are always hungry, right? ;-). And the nice thing is that the appetite will never go. The new is a competitor of old all the time. We want newer cars, homes, gadgets like phones, tablets, computers on the hand even. And even if Apple Watch for me is “not practical enough” once it runs battery every day, I love the idea that makes things we use better. I wonder if super-cool AR glasses will be announced tomorrow? Wonder if some car solutions the Company from Cupertino will show? Maybe they participate in something new or introduce break-truth solutions for millions of diabetics? Even if Apple Watch cannot measure sugar levels in blood without sharp pain may be some other device can to not do the invasive measurement?

Looking back all made by Apple was for millions of people, that is why I do not believe in the Apple Car that would be too expensive but who knows? Looking back nothing is impossible for Apple Wizards ;-). Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s event at the always open to the new “…there is one more thing…” millions of happy customers and I am happy to be one of them! Thanks for reading!

Apple Fall 2nd Event 2021

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